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3 Home Extentions You’d Want to Save up For

When you’ve bought a property and have the freedom to do with it as you like, the choices can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. There are, after all, so many beautiful houses to get inspired by online – and they all seem to have everything we could ever wish for but sadly cannot afford at the moment.

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That’s why it’s a good idea to know about the most tempting ones so that you’re able to have a goal and something to save up for. Here is a handful of the most popular ones among homeowners these days.


They’re not guaranteed to be yours tomorrow but perhaps in a year if you love them enough.


#1 A sunroom


A sunroom, a conservatory or simply a glass house can seriously take your home to new levels. There are so many ways to use it as well and you’ll always have access to the garden no matter what time of the year it is.


The most important thing, however, is that you’re hiring professional people who use high-quality glass. You don’t want to go for the cheapest solution when it comes to sunrooms as the glazing should be thick enough to keep the room nice and warm.


Heat it up during the winter, fill the chairs with soft blankets, and enjoy your morning coffee out in the garden without even feeling a bit cold. Or invite your family out for a cozy dinner, light some candles, and let yourself be mesmerized by their reflection in the dark glass.


#2 A basement


If you already have a basement, you should definitely spend some time and a bit of money on refurbishing it. This underground room doesn’t just have to be used as storage, you know, as you’ll be able to let your kids roam freely down there when you’ve cleaned it up and chased out all the spiders.


You can create an entirely new basement from scratch, though, but this is definitely considered to be quite of a project. You might need ground penetrating radar services, for example, to learn more about what’s hidden underneath your house but it all depends on how big of a project you have in mind.


A basement will, in any way, be a perfect addition to any house – and you can use that backyard storage unit to keep all your stuff in rather than the basement.


#3 An exterior makeover


A beautiful home should shine from the outside as well as the inside. Spend this season on sprucing it up a bit, give it a coat of paint, and extend that patio, for example, so that you can enjoy it a bit more before the summer is over.


This is a project that doesn’t necessarily have to cost too much money either, by the way, so you should start with this one if your budget is rather tight.


That way, you can sit on the patio and have that coffee in the morning while dreaming about that sunroom you’re saving up for.

3 Ways to save More Money for Great Life Experiences

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Life can and should be a truly amazing adventure, filled with soaring wonder, joy, and special moments spent with those who we care about most in the world.


One of the great things about life, is that those special, uplifting moments can be found in the small, everyday things, if we have the right mindset and are willing to keep a lookout for them. But it’s hard to deny that some of the most memorable and electric experiences we have, involve a certain financial investment.


Visiting a new country and being awed by the foreign sights and sounds can be a truly breathtaking experience, but plane tickets cost money, as do hotel rooms, meals at restaurants, and all the rest.


Learning a new language can massively expand your horizons, but you’ll generally need to pay someone for lessons. Starting up your own business can be an extraordinarily empowering decision, that allows you to take charge of your own destiny, but, as they say, “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” Even visiting the Zoo with your kids — an awesome day out for most people, at all ages — will generally set you back a bit of money.


You could be forgiven for feeling jaded by the situation here, and feeling like the only way to enjoy some of the best experiences life has to offer, is to become extremely wealthy. In reality, though, you can do a lot of uplifting, fun, and meaningful things, even on a modest income, if you manage your finances right and make some strategic sacrifices.


Here are some suggestions on how to save money for those great life experiences.


Do your research before making any financial commitments


Many people end up falling into financial difficulty, or at the very least, not saving as much money as they could have, because they are too quick to make financial commitments without having done enough research.


Loans can, for example, be useful, but learning about how different types of loans work — and researching specific lenders and their terms in detail — is essential before taking out a loan. You need to know, for example, that installment loans found online can have higher interest rates, and that payday loans often have highly predatory interest rates.


Research can ensure that you end up borrowing from an ethical and reputable lender, if you do in fact have to borrow.


But the same principle applies to more “everyday” expenses, too. If you need a new washing machine, shop around and compare prices and features. Don’t just shell out for the first shiny device you see.


Quit the unhealthy habits


Smoking cigarettes and excessively drinking alcohol are two of the most common vices that people have, and both are not only a tremendously harmful to your health, but are also tremendously harmful to your bank account.


Nonetheless, many people keep losing huge amounts of money to these unhealthy habits on a regular basis, often because they simply don’t have the right tools available to help motivate and guide them to quitting.


In this regard, Allen Carr’s Easyway method has proven affordable, and very effective, for many people.


Perhaps you frequently drink more than you should when you meet up with friends in town, because it’s a cornerstone of your social life, and you’re nervous that you might not be able to have fun without it.


But in these cases, facing up to this hard situation and finding ways to thrive without the drink can really make all the difference. Not only will you be healthier, you’ll also stop losing whole weekends to hangovers, and you’ll save a lot of money for travelling, hobbies, and more.


Become more mindful with your money, look into budgeting tools


A lot of money is lost in most people’s lives, simply because they aren’t very good at budgeting, and remaining mindful about how they spend the money they do make.


There’s an old saying that says “what gets measured, gets improved”. Usually, this quote refers to the fact that systems in a business tend to become more efficient when they’re more focused. But the same thing applies to personal money management, too.


Simply using a popular and effective budgeting tool, like You Need a Budget, allows you to become effortlessly more insightful about your personal spending, and makes it a lot harder to psychologically justify a wasteful approach to your earnings.


When you have to plan and account for what happens to every dollar, you’re more likely to be emotionally resistant to the idea of binge-shopping when you walk past a sale at the store.


Saving Money on Your Energy Bill This Winter

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With winter now just around the corner, this article offers six ways to save money on your energy bill this winter, which is a topic of great importance for many people on a budget, and those that are environmentally conscious.



When you feel cold, your instinct is often to turn up the thermostat to a very high setting, which means you get used to this temperature as a ‘norm’, but this norm is not what is necessary to keep you warm – it’s what you’ve become acclimated to.


For this reason, consider turning down the thermostat a few degrees and keeping your home at a constant comfortable temperature rather than turning it up and down in response to coming on from the cold.



The majority of modern thermostats come with the option to programme a timer – meaning the heating doesn’t need to be on all day, it can come on just before you get home, perhaps go off at night (when you’re snuggled up in bed) and kick in just before you wake to ensure the house feels nice and warm for when you get up.



If there are a couple of rooms that you don’t tend to use very often, you want to shut the door, and keep these as rooms that you don’t heat.  This way, by only heating the rooms you use, you are going to save a lot of energy on heating rooms unnecessarily. This is particularly true if you live in a large house.



We all know that insulation is everything when it comes to saving money on your energy bills.  You might want to head to in order to get some thick and plush carpet with decent insulation that protects the heat from escaping through the floorboards.



The idea of taking a hot water bottle to bed might feel like something only children do, but it provides a source of heat that is very energy efficient and serves a purpose in terms of providing a close range source of heat to keep you warm as you get into bed.


The downside of a hot water bottle, however, is that it loses heat throughout the night – whereas a more modern electric blanket keeps you warm throughout the night.  Furthermore, some electric blankets have the function to track your sleep and body temperature to vary how much heat it exudes, whilst many, are now dual zoned electric blankets in that each person sharing a double bed can control how much heat is exuded from their side.



Whilst it is a very obvious solution, it’s one that’s often overlooked, but wearing more clothes in winter when you’re at home is the most environmentally friendly and cost friendly way to save money on your energy bills.  The thing is, we often heat our homes but then walk around in shorts and t-shirt; as if it were summer. If you simply add a few layers of clothing it can save a lot of money.


Make Saving Money A Way Of Life

We’re not all natural at this, and for some of us, the thought of saving money is painful. Because the money we earn is something we like to spend, enjoy, and definitely not keep for a rainy day. But, if you’re still living in this mindset, then you haven’t really moved past high school. As soon as you leave the comfortable embrace of those highschool walls, you start to realise what the real world is going to throw at you. What it’s going to throw at you is a ton of problems, and most of them will directly link back to money. So, if you truly are living in the mindset that you don’t need to save money, then we’re here to show you why you couldn’t be more wrong. We’re not saying that you have to stop living a great life here, we’re just saying that a few things that you might be doing wrong need to be changed, and we’ll show you the benefits of changing your bad ways! So, if you have zero savings at the minute, and you don’t have a clue about how to save money during your day to day life, then have a read of this, and see if we can turn your finances around.

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The thing that pretty much all of you are going to be terrible at. Budgeting is just not easy, but the more you try it, the more you’ll realise that have a plan with your money laid out for you is so much better than just going through the month, spending as you go, and hoping that you still have enough money to last you the last two weeks of the month. But budgeting isn’t second nature to the majority of us, so something we’re going to need a push in the right direction to make sure our money is set out right, and we’re making some savings along the way. Well, here is your push in the right direction. First of all, write down your total monthly pay. Then write out all of your bills and deduct them. The write down how much fuel, parking for work, or essentials you’re going to need each week. We’re talking your food shop and things like that, not essentials such as a meal deal from McDonald’s. Once you’ve got absolutely everything out of the way with that you usually spend each week and month, you should be left with a lump sum of money that is yours to spend. Wrong, it’s not yours to spend, it’s yours to use wisely. Divide the total by four as there are four weeks of the month. You should be left with more than enough for the weeks. So, take a chunk of that off, making sure that you leave yourself enough to live comfortably. That chunk needs to go straight into your savings account. You should have left yourself enough money to be able to enjoy yourself, so that you’re not dipping into your savings account each week!




Couponing is fun, but it can be taken to an extreme. There have been reports that it can actually become and addiction, but let’s not focus on the negative side of it. Couponing is actually really fun when you get into it, and the rewards you’ll feel when you know you’re saving yourself a ton of money each month will be more than worth the effort. Because it can also be a big effort. It used to be more so that you would get coupons out of magazines and newspapers, and they could easily be used in the stores. But nowadays, people are shopping more on the internet than they are in stores, so it’s actually so much easier to find coupons through the internet! You can easily get a coupon code and use it at most major online stores, saving you an absolute fortune when you shop. We know most of you won’t have been interested in this before, you’ll just simply make the payments when it comes to checking out. So, if you don’t use it at all at the minute, try your hand at a bit of couponing, and let us know how much you end up saving each month!


Locked Savings Accounts


Are you someone has an open savings account, actively puts money across into it, and takes it back out again the next week? Welcome to the club if you do. We’re all so bad at managing our savings accounts because they’re just so easy to access and take from. And when money is getting pretty tight, the first thing you’re going to reach to is all that money that you conveniently put away. It allows you to spend as you want still, and doesn’t give you any restrictions or control on your spending habits. So, we want you to think about setting up a locked savings account. It will be so much more beneficial for you to have a locked one in the long run. All you have to do is make sure you’re not putting too much aside each month. If you ever need to call on the money, you won’t be able to! The savings accounts usually have rules. A minimum deposit to set up the account, a minimum monthly deposit agreement, and you’ll only be able to make a certain amount of withdrawals a year. These rules are what make it so effective!


Self Control


Self control is the last thing that you need to try and master. Self control is something we all have very little of, which is one of the reasons why you’re reading this article! The more money we have, the more tempted we are to actually spend it. So, rather than thinking of the money that you can spend all of the time, take some time to think of the money that you can save. If you get yourself in the right mindset, and find a way to learn some self control when it comes to things such as shopping, you should have no problem with saving money in life!

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