You could argue that a dog can complete any family home. That’s undoubtedly true from an emotional standpoint. Nothing quite beats returning home to a wagging tail. Sadly, though, that’s often where the dog-based home benefits lie.


Many dog owners find that their interior efforts go awry once they bring a pooch home. Suddenly, sofas are scratched, carpets get chewed, and even wallpaper is ripped off the wall. It’s frustrating, and it can quickly see your interior dreams down the drain. But, it doesn’t need to be that way. We’re true believers that you can have a pristine home and a pooch to boot. 


All you need is consider when and why your pet is doing damage. In most cases, destructive behavior originates from separation anxiety when dogs are left alone. If you can’t stand the thought of those claws shredding your wallpaper, then, you simply need to consider the following before leaving your dog alone.


Set boundaries early


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