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5 Thoughts To Have Before Buying A House

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Once upon a time, joining the property market was a bit ‘meh’. It was a part of that natural progression we call life. You were born, you got semi-educated, you got a career, you bought a house, and so on. But all that has changed.


These days, getting onto the property ladder is about as exciting as anything can possibly be because the odds are completely stacked against you. Why? Because houses are stupidly expensive now – stupidly expensive – which means your excitement will be somewhat marred by stress and worry. Basically, you need to have a plan of attack before you even think about stepping into the ring.


So, without further ado, here is a list of tips that will help you out big time:


  1. Be Realistic

Yes, we would all love to by a house in Downtown Manhattan, but that’s probably not going to be possible. The best thing you can do is speak to an independent financial advisor about your situation, find out exactly what you can afford, what sort of mortgage will be best and what other factors-slash-fees could crop up.


  1. Sort Yourself Out

Before you knock on any lenders door, you need to get your financials under control and your credit file looking snazzy. If you’ve got loads of credit card debts, it’s probably worth speaking to to make this look less drastic than it is. If you have missed payments on your file, an accompanying note to explain everything is all good will go a long way, getting yourself on the electoral poll too – all these sorts of things will go a long way in making you more appropriate to lend to.


  1. Research Everything

To make the right decision, you need to have all the information you can at your fingertips. That means knowing what your ideal location is, what compromises you are happy to make, what the schools are like, the tax band, the commuting distance from work, transport links, crime rates etc. But don’t stop there. Another thing that is crucial is you view any property more than once and at different times of the day. It’s easy to jump the gun and put an offer in as soon as you’ve seen a property. But don’t.


  1. Picture The Dream

This has to be the most enjoyable part of the process – the dreaming. Think about how many bedrooms you want or need, how many bathrooms you would like, which way the garden would be facing, off-street parking, semi-detached or detached, apartment or house. We all have our own list of criteria when it comes to the actual property, so have your wants listed out, and then circle those you won’t compromise on.


  1. Get A Good Agent

When you are looking for a home, you need to know the agent is on your side and knows exactly what you are looking for. That means going into the office and having face-to-face conversations with them, discussing everything in detail, and being friendly with them. Trust us, if they know and like you, they will be more likely to think of you when a property comes onto the market.

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Is Your New Home Lacking Kerb Appeal? Here’s How You Can Put That Right!

When you’re searching for a home to buy, one of the things most of us want is something that looks pretty from the outside. However when you’re on a tight budget (perhaps this is your first step onto the property ladder) there are probably other boxes that need ticking that are more important. Your new home might need a garden, a certain number of rooms and bathrooms. You might want something that has heating and/ or air conditioning and you might want a specific area. For this reason, you may have to make a compromise and take a house that’s ideal in every other way, but just doesn’t look as pretty and charming from the kerb as you’d hoped. If this is the case, no need to fret- there’s plenty that you can do. Here are some ideas!



Windows and Doors

Sometimes, just a good clean of the windows can make all the difference. If you don’t have a ladder or a head for heights, it doesn’t cost much to get a window cleaner to come and get them looking sparkling. Your door is an important part of how your home looks from the outside, so if yours is looking worse for wear it could bring down the appearance of the rest of the property. If it’s made of wood, give it a good sand down and paint it. You could go with a neutral, a cute pastel or even a bright colour! Whatever fits your style. Have some new shiny numbers mounted onto it to finish the look.



Giving the garden a good tidy up can instantly improve the look of a house from the outside. Mow the grass, and treat it with a fertiliser that’s suitable for the time of year. Use a box of grass seed to patch any sparse areas and get it looking its best. Trim back any bushes and shrubs that have grown wild, and if you have any large trees or hedges that block the light, consider cutting them down.


Garage Doors

Garage doors don’t need replacing very often, but if you’ve moved into an older home chances are they’ve been around since the house was built. A coat of paint and some new springs could fix any issues in some cases, otherwise companies like could fit you something nice and new. A great way to instantly transform the outside of the home.



If any fences at the front of the property look weathered and tired, buy a tub of outdoor wood paint and give them a once over. This can quickly smarten up the front of any home and enhance the kerb appeal without spending much at all.



Finally, flowers always look pretty and using flowers at the front of your home will make it look well cared for. Have a hanging basket put up either side of your door and fill it with beautiful blooms. Use pots, and fill flower beds and borders in the front garden with pretty colourful flowers.


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Design Your Home How You Want It

Everyone has their own interpretation of what a nice home design is. Some people prefer a look that is simple and clean, other prefer a look that is more alternative and unique. It doesn’t matter what your view is, you should always be decorating your home exactly the way you want it. If you can’t say that that’s how it is at the minute, then you need to put your DIY decor gloves on, and get deciding on what you would consider as the perfect home design. When there’s just so many different influences circulating, it can be pretty hard to decide. So, we’ve got some tips to help you decide what you might like, and how you can cut the costs of an interior redesign.


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Deciding What You Want


Sometimes, deciding what you actually want is the hardest part of redesigning your home. You might have an idea in your head, but actually figuring out how to make this idea come to life can be tricky. So, we suggest that you do a drawing, that way you’ve got a visual representation to follow of the layout, and the things that you want to put in. You’ll know where you want everything to go, you then only need to follow your guide and add in the colours that you want to add in. If you’re struggling to get your imagination going, then you need to check out some of the amazing interior design websites that there are, or use social media as a guide. Some people are putting the most amazing pieces of interior decor on show. All you need to do is pick out snippets of your favourites and you’re onto a winner.


Cutting Some Costs


If you’re going to do a decor redesign, then you’re going to need to think about how you can cut some costs here and there. If you don’t an interior redesign can get pretty costly, pretty quickly. The first is looking for places to get cheaper materials. If you’re going for a full redesign, you’re going to be thinking about new carpets, walls, sofas etc. For the carpets, we recommend going to companies such as Carpet One if you’re looking to cut some of the costs. Probably one of the most expensive things that you’re going to have to buy will be the sofas. For them, you should really consider going second hand and how that might benefit you. Most second hand sofas are being sold in the most perfect condition, so you’re not going to be having something shoddy.


Saving Some For The Experts


Sometimes, some things are just better left to the experts. If you attempt them, they could just go horribly wrong and you’re going to end up wasting so much money. One of them is the carpets. Never ever try and rip up the carpets yourself. You could damage the flooring underneath, anything around the area you’re ripping up, and yourself! Any rewiring that might need doing is also better left to the professionals. For one, you probably won’t have a clue what you’re doing!

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How To Secure Your Home And Prevent Break-Ins



Your home is supposed to be the place where you feel safest, which is what makes it so difficult when you come home and realize there’s been a break-in. All of a sudden, you realize how vulnerable you truly are, and you fear for the safety of yourself and the rest of your family. It’s scary to think that there are people out there that want to invade your home, take your things, and possibly hurt you in the process, but this is something you need to face if you’re to make sure your home is as secure as it can be. Here are ten things you can do to ensure it is.


  1. Meet Your Neighbours

If you’ve recently moved into a new property, then the first thing that you should do is go next door and introduce yourself to your neighbors. When it comes to security, your neighbors are vital assets, as they’ll be able to watch over your home for you when you’re not there. However, they’re not going to do this if they don’t really know you, so make an effort to build friendly relationships with your neighbors, so that you can have each other’s backs.


  1. Lock Doors And Windows

Most burglars see an opportunity to get into someone’s home and then take it, so it’s vital that you never give them to chance. This means that you should keep all of your doors and windows locked whenever you’re asleep or not in the house. You may only be popping to the shops quickly, but this is plenty of time for someone to get in, take your things, and get away. Also, check your doors and windows to make sure the locks will hold strong if forced.


  1. Close Curtains At Night

Although most burglars do break in impulsively, there are plenty out there that will stake out a home for days beforehand. They do this to figure out your routine, learn about the security you have in place, and, of course, find out if there’s anything valuable to take. Because of this, you should keep curtains closed at night and whenever you’re out of the house, as they’re unlikely to go through the trouble of breaking in if they don’t know if you’ve got something worth taking.


  1. Add Security Lights

Most burglaries occur during the day when you’re at work, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t chancers out there that will try to get into your property at night. The darkness of the night provides the perfect cover for potential burglars, so take this cover away by installing motion sensor security lights. Most intruders will get spooked when a light turns on and will run away, rather than go through with their initial plans.


  1. Tidy Up Your Garden

Unfortunately, even with security lights, there are plenty of places in your garden where burglars could hide and stake out your home. Because of this, it’s vital that your garden is kept as tidy as possible, and that there aren’t any large toys or pieces of furniture that anyone could hide behind. You should also keep any trees and bushes close to your home trimmed down, to limit their hiding options even further.


  1. Use Your Garage

Your garage is the perfect place to store your car and any expensive gardening equipment, so make sure you use it, rather than leaving these belongings vulnerable to thieves. However, you shouldn’t just assume that your garage is secure; You need to make sure that it is, so be sure to check the door. If your door isn’t secure, then you should buy a new one from a company like Best Doors. You could also add privacy screens to the windows.


  1. Buy A Safe

If there’s anything in your home that’s particularly valuable, like antiques or jewelry, then you shouldn’t leave them out in the open. Your valuables would be a lot more secure if you put them in a safe, so you should really consider getting one for your home. You should also keep a record of your valuables, as this will make it easier to claim on your insurance if burglars managed to get away with them regardless.


  1. Install A Security System

There are so many different security systems out there, all of which have different safety features and different prices to go along with them. It’s important that you consider the needs of your home and choose a system with features that best fit your needs. Once you’ve got yours, you should make sure that you arm it every time you leave the house. After all, there’s not much point in paying out for one if you’re not going to use it.


  1. Put Up Security Signs

Most security systems come with signs and stickers that you can put up to warn burglars from coming into your home. It’s important that you put these signs up so that you can deter burglars from even coming near your home. If you don’t have the money to install a security system, you may want to put up some fake signs anyway. The burglars won’t know whether or not they’re fake, and hopefully will stay away from your home regardless.


  1. Don’t Hide Spare Keys

Plenty of people hide spare keys outside their home, just in case they lose their set, but this is one sure fire way of risking the security of your home. Burglars are just people, and as such, know that above the door frame, under the mat, and inside a rock are all great places to “hide” keys. If you’re worried about being locked out, then give a set of keys to a trusted neighbor, or install a key safe with a combination lock.


No one wants to think about people breaking into their home, but it is something that could happen if you don’t ensure that yours is secure. If you follow the advice above, hopefully, burglars won’t even look at yours twice.

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