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Improvements That Will Actually Boost The Value Of Your Home


If you are thinking about moving home in the near future, you will be looking for different ways that you can maximise your profit on the sale of your property. While there are many different home improvement ideas, not all suggestions will add value. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the best ideas in terms of boosting the value of your property.

Refurbish the front door – Let’s start with an improvement that is not expensive, but will make a difference, and this is refurbishing your front door. You know what they say; first impressions count. This is going to be the first thing that people see when they approach your property, and so you need to make sure that you create a great impression.


Split your house into flats – This will, of course, depend on the house you have and where you live. However, if you live in a busy city in a prime location, you may find that you can drive up the value of your property by about 30 per cent if you split it into flats.

Invest in your bathroom – The bathroom is one room in your home that is worth giving a bit of attention to. The secret to a successful and high-value bathroom is to keep it simple. It is more about the features you put in, rather than the colours and materials used. For example, if you have a heated towel real, a new shower head, a power shower, and so on, you can drive up the value of your property.

Add a garden office – One way you can really boost the value of your property in this day and age is by investing in a garden office. Of course, the room in question can be used for any purpose you see fit; it does not need to be an office. But with so many people working from home in the current day and age, there is no denying that this is a good choice. Make sure you work out the costs of such an improvement, especially if you need to look into hiring excavation companies in order to prepare the land before an office can be built.

As you can see, there are a number of different options you have available to you if you are looking to increase the value of your home. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the value of your property is only going to increase if a quality job is carried out. So, while the suggestions provided above are a great starting point, you need to make sure the work is carried out to an exceptional standard.

Keeping Your Home Nice And Cool When A Heatwave Strikes

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We’re quickly approaching that time of the year when temperatures reach ridiculous levels. It’s already pretty hot, but it’s about to get even hotter when July & August are in full swing. As a result, you need to prepare your home for a heatwave. If you get everything ready now, then you should have it all in order by the time a massive heatwave comes along.

Put Your Bedsheets In The Freezer

Immediately, there are some of you that are about to click off this article as you think I’m a lunatic! Please stay, I’m not out of my mind, I promise! While this idea sounds absolutely crazy, it’s actually very clever. Put your bedsheets in a plastic bag or covering, then stick them in the freezer for a few minutes before you go to bed. The result is a set of bedsheets that are now nice and cool. So, you can slip into bed and enjoy a cooling sensation that helps you get to sleep. As we all know, sleep is such an essential part of maintaining good physical and mental health. When a heatwave strikes, we can struggle to get to sleep, which leaves us feeling groggy and lethargic for days. Use this trick, and you’ll stay nice and cool!

Install An AC System

Air conditioning is by far and away the best solution when it comes to keeping your home nice and cold. It provides you with some sweet cold air and ensures no one in your home overheats. You may be worried about getting one as they can be expensive, but it’s honestly worth the investment. You’ll use it every summer for many years to come, and if you have a look on, you’ll see there are even scenting devices you can connect to your AC. So, it now has dual benefits; keeping your family cool in hot weather, and making your home smell positively fantastic. Of course, if you’re really strapped for cash, then the best alternative is to buy fans for every room. While they’re a lot cheaper, they’re also less effective and much noisier.


Turn Everything Off

No doubt your home is packed full of electrical appliances that you use all the time. Unfortunately, these things generate heat when they’re turned on. So, one way to cool your house down is by turning everything off. Turn off all the electrical appliances you’re not using, and make extra care to turn all the lights off in your house too. As it shows on, a light bulb can generate some serious heat. In fact, if you’ve ever touched one when it’s on, then you’ll know they get boiling! By turning off as many things as you possibly can, it reduces the amount of heat your home generates, so it becomes cooler.


I have a love-hate relationship with heatwaves. I love them because it means it’s not raining, but I hate them because it makes time in the home unbearable. But, with these sneaky tips, you can cool down your house and make it much easier to stay in. This should help you get a better night’s sleep when it’s warm, and just generally avoid melting!


Millennial Home Upgrades Everyone Needs

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During the last five years, design has turned on its head, and we have suddenly reached a place where minimalism and contemporary design dominate homes all over the world. If you are looking for ways to bring your home into the 21st century and ways to upgrade your home for better efficiency and security, here are some of the essentials that every millennial home should have.


Energy-Efficient Items


Saving the planet is becoming a mission which is more important than ever. With the rise of greenhouse gases and our climate, we need to start thinking of ways to make our homes for energy efficient and eco-friendly. You can change your lights and then them into energy efficient bulbs, look at extra insulation in the home to reduce your need for heating, and even buy better appliances for your kitchen. Energy efficiency is really important, and bringing elements into your home will not only save you money but also help to save the planet.




There can be no better way to spend a cozy evening at home than with a few snacks, drinks and a movie on your TV. Bringing entertainment into your home is a very millennial trait, and it can be anything from a TV, subwoofer, soundbar, speakers or a gaming system. Bringing entertainment into your home makes it much easier for you to host friends, and it makes your quiet nights in even more fun.

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detector


Every home should have a smoke alarm, and when you buy a home you will most likely find that there is one already installed. However, another item you should bring into your home is a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas which has no color and no smell, therefore will go completely undetected until it severely poisons you. Make sure you have these alarms in prominent places of the home and make sure that you regularly check them.


Home Security System


When you live in a home which has many precious and expensive items inside, it is incredibly important for you to install Home CCTV Systems to make sure your home is secure. Think about bringing cameras around the perimeter of the home, install an alarm system inside, and also make it harder for burglars to climb into your windows by planting thorny bushes directly underneath. All of these things combined should deter a robber from even trying to break into your home.



If you want to add an element of millennial flair to your home this year, you can bring one of the biggest trends in your home. Plants are a feature in most modern homes because they add a splash of color and texture to a zen space. They also breathe a sense of life and calm into the home and have a big impact on the atmosphere in the home. You can install a terrarium, hang air plants, make a herb garden for the kitchen or stick to cacti if you aren’t green fingered. Plants are ideal for any space and will bring a wonderful element to the design.

What To Do When Your House Feels Too Small


Does your house feel too small? Do you feel like you have no space and that you are constantly on top of one and other? If this is the case, there are a number of steps you can take to make your home feel bigger so that you can enjoy a more comfortable life. Read on to discover some useful suggestions.

De-clutter – There is only one place to begin, and this is by getting rid of any clutter. There is no time like the present to sort out all of your belongings. If something does not have a space within your home, you either need to sell it or donate it to someone else, or throw it in the bin. To ensure you keep on top of clutter, you should operate the one in, one out rule. This means that whenever you buy something new, you need to get rid of something in your home to make space for it.

Let there be light – While light will not physically create more space, it can create the illusion of it, making a room look bigger and more welcoming. The key to letting more light into a room lies within using reflective surfaces so that the UV rays can bounce off them and back into the room. Of course, a statement mirror is the most obvious choice.

Put items in storage – Another way to clear out your home and give you and your family more space is to rent a storage facility. This is ideal for those who have lots of belongings but can’t let them go. You can keep all of your important things while ensuring you have more space at the same time.

Make the most of vertical space – Are you making the most of the vertical space that is available to you in your home? If you do not have shelving solutions and such like, then you aren’t. We often tend to use all of the floor space but forget about the vertical space that is available to us.

Consider an extension – Last but not least, if you are really struggling for space, have you considered getting an extension built? Look online for an A+ construction pro that can add an extra room to your home. Not only will this give you the space that you are craving, but also it will enhance the value of your property in the process.

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can make your home feel bigger and more comfortable. Follow the advice that has been provided above and you should notice a considerable difference. If you don’t, perhaps it is a sign that you really have outgrown your property and need to move on?

Downsize Home, Upgrade Life

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The big family home is a wonderful thing to possess while the kids are growing up. Once they’ve flown the nest, though, staying in an unnecessarily big property no longer makes sense. Aside from the financial costs, keeping it in good condition can prove to be a very challenging prospect indeed. In truth, downsizing to a smaller property may be the smartest decision you’ll ever make, but only if you complete the transition in a winning style?


Here are 10 top tips to ensure that downsizing opens the door to a brighter future.


#1. Prepare To Sell


Before buying the new home, you’ll want to sell the current one at the very best price available. It only takes a few short weeks to complete the jobs that will upgrade the value and attraction of your current home. Get those elements right before putting it on the market, and you should reach a far better outcome. It may be tempting to take the DIY approach to selling. However, it’s advised that you use a professional agent to secure the very best deal and complete the necessary legal documentation.


Securing the right sale will instantly provide better opportunities as you begin the next chapter. However, you don’t want to be living in temporary accommodation for long, which is why you must get the purchase right too.

Image Sell well to build a platform for success


#2. Buy The Right Property


There are many different factors to consider when buying a new property. Aside from the interior esthetic and dimensions, you want to consider the geographic location as well as the property type. Finding a condo for sale may be one of the best options. You’ll often find that the amenities are fantastic while the property itself will be in good health. At this time, buying a fixer-upper simply isn’t a solution. By choosing a home that needs minimal work completed, you’ll be able to enjoy the next stage of life right away.


Apart from the physical benefits of choosing the right property, you’ll also gain the peace of mind and confidence that you deserve. If that doesn’t provide the platform for a better life, what will?


#3. Get Rid Of The Junk


Before actively moving, you need to accept that the old home doesn’t have the amount of storage or space as the old one. Offering furniture and other items within the old property to the buyer at a discounted price can make life a lot easier. Alternatively, garage sales and online selling can serve a similar purpose. They’ll free you from some of the junk while ensuring that the new property remains uncluttered. If nothing else, this is a great opportunity to start afresh. Staying loyal to unloved goods is futile.


There’s nothing worse than transporting items with you only to realize that you don’t have the space. Being realistic through this part of the process will serve you well.


#4. Focus On Safety


When downsizing to a condo or a home within a multi-unit facility, it’s very easy to assume that everything is safe and secure. While you might not need to pay quite as much attention as with the old home, you must still take the right precautions to prevent break-ins. Perhaps more crucially, you need to consider that neighbors could potentially cause problems for you. Checking the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is vital. Even if the dangers are minimal, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Above all else, covering all the bases in this area should lead to far greater peace of mind.   

Image A safe home is a happy home.


#5. Make Rooms Feel Big


The fact of the matter is that your smaller property is likely to have smaller rooms. Therefore, it’s vital that you do take the necessary steps to enhance the appearance of space. Light color schemes and good lighting can make a monumental impact. Other steps can include mounting TVs to the walls, using shelving rather than bookcases and finding hidden storage. A brighter room that is blessed with a lot of floor space will seem just as big and welcoming as your old home.


Better still, it’s easier to clean the home when you keep it in this manner. This in itself is a huge incentive for moving.


#6. Stamp Your Personality


Moving to a smaller property needn’t stop you from making the place feel like home. Photos, holiday souvenirs, and sports memorabilia are all great ways to turn a plain home into a place that makes you feel comfortable. The money saved from downsizing can enable you to incorporate advanced tech features. This can include voice-activated devices and projector screens. Aside from the personal benefits, this can turn the property into a cool location for hosting friends for small gatherings.


Enjoying the property with greater results when you’re alone and with loved ones can only be a better outcome than staying in the old property.


#7. Get Involved


When moving into a new home, it can be a little daunting. Whether you’re alone still living with your partner, it always pays to play an active role in the community. If living in a condo, joining the board gives you a voice on future change, which is a huge reward for minimal work. However, even if you just move to a smaller house, the neighborhood watch schemes and community activities are brilliant. Aside from actively making the transition feel smoother, it’ll improve the sense of security too.  


When moving into the new home, you aren’t just purchasing a property. You’re buying into a new way of life. Active participation can only help.

Image If you can’t beat them, join them!


#8. Focus On What You Need


It’s not uncommon for family homes to include several rooms that virtually go to waste. Having a smaller property virtually forces you to rethink the way you utilize space. The best way to find a winning formula is to ensure that each area does what it is supposed to do. The bedroom should encourage the best night’s sleep while the kitchen and bathroom should be functional. While the esthetic beauty is still crucial, knowing that your new home is designed to make life easier should be the priority.


On a separate note, having a sofa bed instead of a guest room will have an immensely positive impact, even if the kids do stay on a semi-frequent basis.


#9. Consider Revenue Streams


Depending on the level of downsize, it may be possible to buy another property within the same building or close by. This can open up a wealth of buy-to-let opportunities. Alternatively, short-term lettings through online services can work wonders too. This regular stream of income could be very useful when you eventually reach retirement too. In the meantime, knowing that you have some financial relief virtually secured may allow you to cut down your hours. After decades of hard work, that’s the least you deserve.


It’s not for everyone, but this is certainly an option worth consideration.


#10. Embrace The Savings


One of the best things about downsizing is that it improves your financial situation. You can take this to an entirely new level simply by searching for the best energy bills and embracing green technology. When you do, you’ll have far more money for the luxury purchases. Whether it’s getting a garden jacuzzi for a smaller house or making luxury additions to the living room is up to you. In addition to upgrading the home, you should take this opportunity to enjoy days out and holidays.


Downsizing can unlock the door to a brighter future, but you will lose some of the collateral tied up in assets. Keep some money tucked away for unforeseen situations and you’ll be just fine.


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