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Like Inside, Like Outside: Turning Interior Decor Methods To Your Garden

You can bet that any homeowner will take their time on perfecting the interiors of their homes. This is the space they have to return to daily, after all. It’s the one space they have complete control over in the world. What’s more, getting those interiors right is essential for feeling comfortable and at home.

When it comes to our gardens, though, less of us are in any rush to get things the way we want them. While we sort our rooms in a matter of months after moving, many of us leave our lawns in disrepair for years. Even if you don’t realize it, though, this delay can lead to unhappiness at home. After all, you can’t rest easy knowing that your outside isn’t the way you might like it. What’s worse, you can’t shut the door on a garden and pretend it doesn’t exist.

To help you tackle your outside space, then, we’re going to look at how getting your garden right isn’t all that different from decorating in your house.

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You can get professionals on board

If you were overwhelmed with in-house decor, you wouldn’t think twice about contacting an interior decorating company. If you faced significant renovations, it’s certainly unlikely you would attempt them on your own. The same applies to your outside space. You don’t need to delay work here because there’s a lot to do. Contacting companies like Cherry Oak Landscaping could see you getting the professional help you need. That alone could be the answer to your garden-based woes. So, stop thinking you need to know how to do it all alone. Even if you have no idea what you want, an outside company can draw up plans for you, just as they would when working on an interior room.

Consider your colors

Even if you aren’t working with professionals, you can start by considering which colors you’d like to include. This is the first port of call for revitalizing your home interiors, and it works outside, too. By planning your color palette, you set yourself off on a fantastic footing. The only difference is that colors here come from flowers rather than paints. So, do your research into which color combinations you like best. Print off samples, and then head to the shops to search for the right seeds to achieve that look.

Finish off with accessories

Decor also comes down to accessories. Once we’ve painted and gotten everything the way we want, we invest in additions to complete the image. It should come as no surprise, then, that investing in garden accessories can pull your efforts together. Garden furniture would be an obvious choice here. This alone can be a fantastic way to make your outside space feel a part of your home. It may also be worth looking into things like garden ornaments and light sets. Anything you can decorate with inside, you can also bring outside with you. There really is no excuse, then, not to get this right.

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What Your Garden Is Really Missing


If you want your garden to look its best, there are many things that you might want to consider in order to make that so. Fortunately it is relatively simple to make your garden the kind that people want to spend their time in, but a lot of people fail to really appreciate just how easy it is to do so. In this article, we are going to look at some of the common things that gardens are often missing, so you can see whether or not your own garden has these particular items or whether you could do with finding them. With a more complete garden, it is highly likely that you will be able to spend much more time there, and that it will be one of the most important parts of your home in no time.




Although not every garden has or needs a pond, nonetheless this is something you might want to consider if you re to make the most of your outdoor space. Having a pond is a great way to ensure that you are making good use of your garden, and if you look around you should be able to find one fairly cheap. If you fancy giving it a go yourself, you could even make the pond yourself. This is easier than you might think; all you need to do is dig the hole in the ground, put in a plastic liner and fill it with water. Then you can make sure that it is whatever size and shape you might like it to be. A pond is a great addition to any garden, so this is definitely worth thinking about.




Whether or not you are thinking of including a pond, you might also want to find a fountain to put in your garden. Garden fountains serve as a fantastic centerpiece and focal point, and are often one of the best ways to ensure that your garden looks as good as possible. If you shop around you will see that you can usually find fountains in pretty much any shape and depicting a large range of different things, so it is always possible to find something that will look good in your garden. Consider this if you want to go for something a little grand and a little different for your garden.




Having a nice bench somewhere in the garden for more than just give you a great place to rest your legs – you might also find that you can use it as a kind of decoration. Benches are always going to be a great addition to any garden, and you might feel that your garden is incomplete until you have found the right bench for it. Placing it is important too, and you must ensure that you are taking the time to find the appropriate space in the garden for the bench. As long as you do, you should be able to make the most of this simple but happy addition.

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Don’t Let Your Large Garden Swallow You Whole


For lots of people, a large garden is a status symbol worth having. It’s something that can easily be shown off to all guests and visitors, as it can easily deliver the wow factor. There’s just one problem with big gardens – they are incredibly hard work to maintain. Lots of people who move into big houses with equally large gardens often find that their new outside areas are quite overwhelming. After all, you need a lot of time and effort to keep them up to scratch.


Feeling like your large garden could swallow you whole? Here are some ways to stop it from doing that.


Split It Into Sections


The easiest way to tackle a large garden is to split it up into section. If each section has its own purpose than it will make it easier to know exactly how to look after it. For instance, a section that incorporates decking needs to be regularly cleaned down and varnished. Your vegetable patch will need plenty of fertilizer and maintained according to the season. This also gives you the chance to tackle each section at a time, which won’t seem as overwhelming as maintaining the whole garden at once.


Hire Some Help


Of course, if you really start to struggle with your garden and find that you don’t have enough time to dedicate it, you can always hire a professional gardener to come and give you a hand every now and then. If you check this link, you can get a free consultation today for some lawn-mowing services. That would be one less job for you to do. You can also hire gardeners to take care of your flowers, trees, and shrubs, and some will even come and do all of the hard work with your veg patch!



Target The Weeds


One of the main issues with large gardens is that the weeds can sometimes seem to take over and it’s as if no amount of de-weeding can get rid of them! The main reason this happens is because the garden has been neglected for so long. Even if you do little more than target the weeds, you will notice that your outdoor areas very much improve. In fact, just tackling the weeds could be the only job you end up doing in your large garden – it really does make all the difference!


Watch Out For Wildlife


Something else you will have to contend with in your large garden is the wildlife that might come to try and eat your flowers and veggies. If possible, you should make some homemade traps to kill bugs, like slugs and snails. Using these kinds of traps are a lot safer for your health and for the environment compared to chemical pesticides. If you continue to have issues with wildlife, you could always hire an expert to deal with it for you.


Hopefully, all of the tips above can help you get to grips with your large garden. Then it shouldn’t seem like it could swallow you whole at any minute!

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Glamorous Garden With Little Effort



Sitting in your garden as the warm evening sun plays patterns over your skin, is the best way to end any day. It’s relaxing and relieves any of that built up stress that you may have been carrying around with you earlier at work. The only thing is, what if you don’t have the kind of garden that you see in the movies. A preconceived idea is that you either have a pretty backyard, or you don’t, but that isn’t the case at all. You need to work for it in order to maintain it’s good looks. If you start to get lazy and let it do what it wants, it will become an overgrown mess that looks more like a swamp than any secret sanctuary.


But what if you just don’t have the time? Not all of us are able to spend a good few hours every week pruning and snipping and pulling. So how do we still get our glamours garden?

Well, the key is to focus on additions that don’t need constant care and attention.


Here are a couple of examples.



A lot of people will think that getting a tree will not only be extremely expensive, but a lot of work too, but this isn’t always the case. There are many different varieties that need very little in order to grow and flourish. As long as they have direct access to the sun and a little bit of water here and there, they will be absolutely fine. Take flowering pear trees, for example, these come with a stunning array of flowers that change colour as the season moves, and they barely need any looking after. They are even very resilient to different weather and even fire, so if you live in an area where it overheats a lot and is prone to fires, you won’t need to worry about this catching.



Water is the perfect way to bring different elements together. Get swimming pool out of your head though, and think more about a bird bath or a water feature. The size you decide on going all depends on how much room you have to play with. You could choose a big extravagant waterfall feature to flow right in the center, or just a small place for the birds to come and wash themselves, while other wildlife appears too, like dragonflies and butterflies. In terms of making sure its clean, all you need to do it refill it with a water here and there. And if you have a feature that moves, it will already have a built-in filter that cleans the water as it goes.

So as you can see, these are only two examples, but they are highly effective and can change the total look of a garden within a matter of seconds, as well as improving the environment because it gives animals a place to come to find shelter, food, and comfort. And that alone is playing a big part in living a green and friendly life.

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