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Is Your Bedroom Cozy Enough?

Your bedroom is the place where you should be able to bunk down and fall asleep easy as breathing, covered in warm and soft blankets, with your curtains closed and just letting the sun peak in when it’s rising at dawn. Even the sound of the image alone is great to think about!


But does your bedroom fit this kind of bill? Are you sleeping peacefully in there, surrounded by soft light and a bit of peace and quiet? Are you comfy enough in your bed, or are you tossing and turning like the princess and the pea? Either way, now’s your chance to sprinkle in some more comfort with the few tips we’ve listed out below. This could be a fast and simple project just in time for the winter weather!

Maybe you don’t have the money for a setup like this, but you can easily throw some more soft furnishings around! (Image)


Use Some Natural Textures


Natural textures can make us think of softness and comfort, without evening needing to reach out and touch, so you can be sure anything that comes directly from the world around us will be a welcome addition here. Maybe some wood for your headboard, or just a bit of paneling to go around the bottom of the walls? It’ll better trap the heat in!


Sure, you can mix and match your duvet and sheet fabrics all you like, but there’s nothing like being able to climb under a fluffy blanket made out of wool, on to soft cotton sheets fit for an Egyptian Pharaoh! These are all fibers that can be found in abundance out in the real world, so be sure to shop consciously for them.


Get a Bed Canopy


Bed canopies are wonderful for adding a sense of privacy and isolation to your bedroom, really allowing you to focus on your sleep pattern and how comfortable you feel away from everyone else living in your home. Even when you don’t have the rails already in place to drape one around the bed you sleep, you can easily set up some hooks to dangle it down from.


Just imagine, after a stressful day, being able to crawl into bed and literally shut the curtains around you. If you have issues with light or sound sneaking into your room and waking you from your slumber, this could be halfway to a perfect solution.


Get Rid of the Desk!


If you’ve got a desk in your room, and you like to sit at it and get your work done, stop that habit in its tracks right now! You’re going to want to move your desk elsewhere, like down into the living room or into the garage if you’ve got the time and space to convert it into some kind of office, as working in the room you sleep in can really change your perception of it.


And hey, once you’ve moved a lumbering piece like this out of the way, you can look into buying some more furniture for your bedroom! Pieces that have much more purpose being in your room, like a small loveseat you can cozy up with your partner in, or a giant bean bag you can flop down on and read a book in. You might even start dozing off here!


Hang Up a Hanging Chair


Speaking of furniture that has a better place in your room, why not get to creating different levels to the space you’re meant to relax in? Even if you just get a sheet and create your own little hammock, if you’ve got something to climb into and seperate yourself from the house around you, you’re going to feel a lot happier in your bedroom. Not to mention, you can be really creative with the set up you design here…


A hanging chair can be easily suspended from the ceiling, and you can add all kinds of cushions and accent pieces to it. Maybe tie some fake flowers around the wicker it’s woven out of, or add a reading light that can be easily clipped onto a surface. Whatever takes your fancy here, if you have a hanging chair, you can swing back and forth in your own room, gently rocking yourself into relaxation as you go.


Your bedroom is about to get a lot cozier, even if you think you’ve already managed that! Be sure to use some ideas like these if you’re stuck for inspiration – sharing creativity is always free after all.

A Dream Bedroom For Insomniacs?

Not long ago, we spoke about a few of the ways you can achieve bedroom perfection in your home. For those who don’t have any specific bedtime troubles, this is a surefire way to the bedroom they’ve been dreaming off. After all, who could sniff at perfection?

But, for those who suffer from insomnia, what’s considered perfect for other people may not quite cut it. Nothing’s worse than laying in bed staring at the ceiling, and the ‘perfect’ decor choices aren’t going to help. Heck, it’s unlikely you’ll even get the chance to see them in the dark!

But, hope isn’t lost. There’s actually plenty you can do within your bedroom to ease your insomnia. And, we’re going to look at three additions you might want to focus on for a good night’s sleep.

A bed which screams comfort

The state of your sleep pattern doesn’t change the fact that your bed is the main focus here. The clue is in the name. But, instead of focusing on a stylish bed frame, focus your attention on the comfort of its contents. This means spending your time picking memory foam mattresses and feather-filled pillows. It’s also worth investing in a light duvet which doesn’t stifle you. By investing in a sexy duvet set, you can still stay stylish. But, you can also make sure your bed is so comfortable even you can’t resist slipping between its sheets.


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Cool it down

While poor temperature control is rarely a cause of insomnia, it doesn’t help. Even if you manage to drift off, you’re sure to wake up if you overheat. Sadly, bedrooms are prone to get a little stifling. As such, it’s worth turning your attention to a few things which can cool the room. There’s no need to worry about compromising appearance here, either. The installation of a fan on your light fitting is sure to look fantastic and fulfill this purpose. Or, you could go all out with air conditioning and a vent cover in keeping with your design. In no time, you’ll find that staying asleep is much easier. Once these systems are in place, there’s no reason you can’t welcome night-long sleeps into your life. Even if you experience issues down the line, fixing them is as easy as finding an ac repair near you. So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t think temperature is a problem, something like this is sure to show you otherwise.

Turn the lights off once and for all

While temperature itself rarely causes insomnia, light definitely does. If there are lamp posts outside your window, is it any surprise you struggle getting to sleep? Your poor mind likely thinks it’s daytime all the time. But, blackout blinds prove an easy solution to the issue. Blinds are fantastic in a stylish space anyway. Their sleek appearance is sure to match the rest of your room. What’s more, with these in place you can finally put the lights out once and for all.

No Fun? This Post Will Put The Excitement Back Into Your Home

Kids get to run and play and do anything they want without being judged. They are just children, after all. Adults have to mature and grow up quickly because it isn’t cool to keep a sense of childlike wonder. Let’s face it – immaturity doesn’t help pay the bills or put food on the table. As a result, lots of us lose touch with the things which once put the cherry on top of the icing that is life. As sad as it sounds, it’s true.


Don’t believe it? Okay then, take a quick look around your home. What do you see? The chances are there won’t be much that makes you smile. Sure, the interior is beautiful and polished, but the only fun features are in the kid’s rooms. Grown-ups spend too much time stressing to come home and be miserable there also. With this in mind, it’s time to put the excitement back into your home.


These are the tips and tricks which every homeowner should keep in mind.


Games Room


It’s a cliché but there is no need to worry about being another generic property owner. For one thing, the majority of grown-ups doesn’t have the time or space for a games room. It’s their loss, though, because, as the name suggests, there isn’t anything as entertaining in the whole of the house. Picture the scene. Work has been terrible and you need to take the edge off the day but can’t be bothered going for a drink. Instead, you come home, hit the bar downstairs, and rack up a game of pool and blow off steam. With the home cinema system, you can let the screens emit background noise and slowly massage the knots out of your body. The trick is to include activities and features which are fun. For example, don’t spend a fortune on retro arcade games if you don’t like Ms Pacman.


Funky Storage


One of the biggest pet peeves about owning a house is the lack of storage. Honestly, it’s enough to keep people awake at night wondering “where am I going to put the pots and pans?!” Thankfully, there is a simple solution, and it’s called understairs storage. Basically, all you have to do is hollow out the area underneath the staircase and install roll-out drawers. Then, fill them with anything that needs a home or that is cluttering up space. Not only does it solve a practical problem, but it brings a smile to the face. For starters, there is something wonderful about answering a question with the phrase “under the stairs.” Secondly, it’s very villain-like, almost like a revolving fireplace or bookshelf in a James Bond movie.


Beer Chandelier


Chandeliers are expensive and a little too formal. It’s the type of thing you’d find at a posh manor house in the countryside. No, they are not for the average person, unless there is a twist. In this case, there is a massive kicker which involves lighting, glass, and alcohol. Before we go any further, you already know this is the fixture the home has been missing all these years. The key is to take empty liquor bottles and put them on a piece of glass and suspend them from the ceiling. If you do this three times, the shape is a pyramid and looks spectacular. Plus, the light refracts through the glass and gives off an amazing vibe. Just looking at it will make you think wow. It will also get you to reevaluate how much beer you drink, but that’s a different problem for another day!


Bean Bag Chair


The main aim should be to mix fun with relaxation. Otherwise, there is no way to clock off after clocking out of your shift. Playing games is an option, yet it involves standing on your feet and concentrating. What is great is sprawling out on the floor and doing absolutely nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the bean bag chair. Filled with air and beans, it feels like floating on a cloud. And, experts such as Fombag have a variety so there is no need to skimp out on the style. Anyone that says “just sit on the sofa” totally misses the point because a bean bag chair takes you back to your childhood. Sure, it’s not all rainbows and picnics, particularly when you get stuck trying to stand up! Still, the pros often outweigh the cons.


Spiral Slide


A spiral staircase is dramatic. To climb one on a daily basis is a heap of fun because it’s different. So, the fact that there is one in your house (?) is a step in the right direction. However, there is no need to stand still and admire your work. Instead, it is possible to take it to the next level and add a slide. Now, if there is anything as enjoyable in the world as a slide, no one has produced the evidence as of yet. Tumbling to the bottom is instant gratification. With one in your home, you don’t have to travel to the park to participate either. Simply get ready, walk to the top of the stairs, and be prepared to say “wheeee!” Don’t worry about the aesthetics because it is only small and fits perfectly next to the spirals.


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But this isn’t just any old hammock. No siree, Bob. This is a piece of netting that suspends from the ceiling and overlooks the living room. If it sounds silly, it’s because it is a little adventurous. However, it isn’t dangerous in the slightest as long as everything is fitted properly. Imagine relaxing reading a book while the house underneath you goes about its day. It seems pretty cool, right? To be honest, a hammock anywhere in the house is a nice attraction as it is different. A piece of advice: try to keep it in-house. Otherwise, you will lose the enjoyment factor.


Is your home a little boring? The question is, are you ready to change?

Bedroom Perfection

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We all know that our beds are one of the happiest hello, and one of the hardest goodbye’s. The bedroom in general is just a place we find so relaxing. It gives us an escape from the real world, and an area of the house that you can try and get the most privacy in. We know this might be hard when children are involved, but it’s the most personal space you’ll ever have. So if you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a little redecorate, then you want to achieve bedroom perfection. This really isn’t that hard to do, and we’ve got a few little tips for you that might help.


The Perfect Bed


We can all agree that the bed is the most important part of a bedroom. There is no place like it, and the wrong bed can just be a nightmare for your sleeping pattern and how deep of a sleep you’re getting. The result of which is going to be a very cranky person the next day. So, if you learn more about mattresses you’ll be able to find out which one is going to suit you best. Some are a lot firmer than others, and some people like that, others have to have it nice and soft to be able to get a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s all about what your posture is like, and a lot of it is to do with how you sleep during the night. As for the bed itself, if you want to create a bit of bedroom perfection you should look into the bedframes with the built in section for your TV. It’s the perfect idea if you love to spend your evenings lounging in bed with a TV series on, and it is a good space saver for the rest of the room.


The Perfect Decor


The perfect decor is one that is light, airy, and helps to create that relaxing vibe that you’re looking for. Obviously that light and airy feeling is only good for the day time, so make sure you grab yourself some blackout blinds to keep you sound asleep when the sun comes up. White walls with one feature wall will do just fine. The feature wall can define what colours you use for the rest of your room. One colour that we’re really loving at the minute is teal. Teal is a nice relaxing colour, and the accessories you can get to match will just look lovely. Be sure to get a nice white and teal bedding. A light oak chest of drawers will give you a lovely area for you to get ready, as well as to store all of the things you need.


The Perfect Accessories


There are some really cool accessories out there at the minute. One we think will look great is stacked shelves for you to put things like a makeup box, jewelry stand, books etc. Paint then a teal colour to match the rest of the room and it’ll look lovely. Room plants are looking really good at the minute, you can get them in little silver ornaments that just give that chilled out vibe to a room.


Kit Out Your Kid’s Room With All The Essentials


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Are you thinking about redesigning your child’s room? A child’s room is important to both you and your kid. This will be their personal space, a place that they can retreat to when they want to be alone and something that is, at least partly, beyond your control. One day, they’ll decorate it how they want, and this will give them a chance to be creative. It will be their choice whether they clean it because that ensures they learn responsibility. When they’re young, however, none of this is true. You’re still responsible for making the design choices. So what should you make sure is part of your kid’s room?


A Place For Work


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You do need to make sure that they have a place where they can complete their work. This will be useful when they come home from school and have work to do. It will give them a place where they can work quietly without distractions. Some modern beds and furniture sets have desks attached which is useful. Also, they can fold away underneath, meaning you’ll save a lot of space when the desk isn’t in use. That’s something you might want to consider. Particularly, if your child loves the idea of sleeping in a high-rise bed.


A Place To Chill

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You do want a sofa or chair in your child’s bedroom. You don’t want them immediately climbing onto their bed to sit or relax through the day for a few key reasons. First of all, when we go to bed, we actually send a message to our brain that it’s time for sleep. So, if your child is constantly using their bed as a place to sit, they will eventually screw up their sleeping pattern. As well as this, you might find that they start working, playing games and reading on their bed. Ultimately, it’s far better if they have a place where they can comfortably sit up right through the day. A bean bag chair could be a great, cheap fun option, that your kid will love.


Stay Cool


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You do want to make sure that kids have a way to stay cool through the night in their bedroom. The easiest solution here is a fan. An airplane ceiling fan at Modern Fan Outlet and available from similar stores is a great choice. It has a fun design that kids will love but still gets the job done. So, kids will stay cool in their bedroom through the summer. In the winter, of course, you just need to make sure they have plenty of blankets and a thick duvet.


Laminate Flooring?


Pic Credit Link


Finally, consider laying down laminate flooring in your child’s room. There are a few reasons why this is a smart choice. First, it’s cheap so you won’t have to spend a fortune making the room look stylish. Second, it’s easy to clean and maintain which will be great when your child gets older and starts taking responsibility for keeping their room neat and tidy.


Use this advice, and you’ll give your kid everything they need in their room.


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