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Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest and exciting purchases someone can make in my family. Buying a car can be scary and something not a lot of people will have the experience to know what exactly needs to be done to prepare for a new car. Below is a few list of things that my family and I follow when we go to purchase a new (or new to us vehicle).

1. Safety and more Safety

Did I mention safety? Safety is the most important thing to look at (well in my honest opinion). We have a lot of little ones so some of the questions I ask myself is.. “Will it for the car seats comfortably?” “How many airbags and where are they located?” “What is the protection of this vehicle in a crash?” These are just some of the few questions to think about regarding safety when buying a new vehicle.

2. The Best Deal

I don’t know about you, but we are all about saving money any way we can. Before buying my first vehicle I like to do research on every detail. I like to research how much the vehicle is new compared to used. The prices between the age differences and price between the “decked out” model compared to the “basic” model. I try to find the best deal so when I am able to finally go look at vehicles I know if this vehicle is a good deal or something I can buy cheaper down the road.

3. Lastly Being Comfortable in the Vehicle you picked out

Always test drive the vehicle before you purchase it! Make sure you are comfortable with how the breaks work or where the mirrors are. Also, make sure you are 100% about buying the vehicle. If you do not feel confident in buying it then go home, sleep on it, and figure out the next day if this would work best for you! It is not something that has to be done, so take your time and enjoy the ride!

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