Bring Some Luxury To Your Lounge


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Want to make your living room feel more sophisticated? You don’t have to be rich to add a sense of luxury to your living room – a few small details can stop this space feeling drab and make it a warm and inviting place lounging in the evening and entertaining guests. Here are a few features that will help to make your living room feel more chic.


Keep things bright


Things that are luxury need to sparkle. If your living room feels gloomy, first consider the colour scheme – lots of dark colours could making your living room feel dull. A splash or white or cream paint on the walls could help to reflect the light. Secondly, you could consider adding some more artificial light. Look for high lumen ceiling lights that will illuminate the room more, or buy more lamps to put in each corner of the room. You floor can also make a difference on the brightness of your living room – white carpets or laminated floorboards are more likely to brighten up the room than a dark carpet.


Contain clutter


Luxury homes are often organised and minimal. This means finding a way to contain clutter out of view. Increase your available storage space by buying extra storage units. This could include a sideboard or even a chest for containing toys. If you don’t have the space for extra storage units, consider multi-purpose furniture that doubles up as storage. This could include footstools such as this ottoman from Simply Chaise, or even a sofa with in-built storage.


Invest in a statement furniture piece


Too much generic furniture will take away from the room’s luxury feel. All you need is a single piece of unique furniture – this will serve as a statement piece that bring a sense of individual style to your room. You could go for something arty such as these items from Christophe Delcourt. Alternatively, you could seek out a bespoke designer to create piece of unique furniture to your very own individual taste. You may even have the craft skills to make your own piece of furniture.


Add some art


Artwork immediately brings a sense of sophistication to your home. This could be a painting on the wall or even a small sculpture to put on a mantlepiece or windowsill. Artwork can help to bring another focal point to the room other than the TV. It also brings a personal stamp to the room.


Hang on to some history


If everything in your home is ultramodern, adding a traditional item of furniture or a historic ornament could add a nice contrast, whilst showing a cultural appreciation for the past. This could be anything from an antique coffee table to a vintage art deco mirror. This could even be a family heirloom with some personal history attached. If anything, it’s certain to be a talking point.

18 thoughts on “Bring Some Luxury To Your Lounge

  1. It’s funny that you mention this because my husband and I are in the process of wanting to change our living room. It is too dark it is something we are wanting to lighten up.

  2. It’s amazing what a single piece of furniture can do for a room. One piece can make a room. For our living room, it’s this one end table. It belonged to my grandmother and I’m honored to have it in my home. It’s always a subject of conversation for visitors to our home.

  3. i have lots of clutter. kid clutter everywhere. these are great tips as we are in the process of redoing the play area

  4. Bright rooms are the best rooms! Our house has awful dingy lighting so I am trying to update as best I can to keep a happy, bright home!

  5. I hate that my house is so dark and my other probably is clutter. I have been jumping on top of that lately with just tossing so much it. But i really wish we had more natrual light in this house.

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