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We all know that our beds are one of the happiest hello, and one of the hardest goodbye’s. The bedroom in general is just a place we find so relaxing. It gives us an escape from the real world, and an area of the house that you can try and get the most privacy in. We know this might be hard when children are involved, but it’s the most personal space you’ll ever have. So if you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a little redecorate, then you want to achieve bedroom perfection. This really isn’t that hard to do, and we’ve got a few little tips for you that might help.


The Perfect Bed


We can all agree that the bed is the most important part of a bedroom. There is no place like it, and the wrong bed can just be a nightmare for your sleeping pattern and how deep of a sleep you’re getting. The result of which is going to be a very cranky person the next day. So, if you learn more about mattresses you’ll be able to find out which one is going to suit you best. Some are a lot firmer than others, and some people like that, others have to have it nice and soft to be able to get a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s all about what your posture is like, and a lot of it is to do with how you sleep during the night. As for the bed itself, if you want to create a bit of bedroom perfection you should look into the bedframes with the built in section for your TV. It’s the perfect idea if you love to spend your evenings lounging in bed with a TV series on, and it is a good space saver for the rest of the room.


The Perfect Decor


The perfect decor is one that is light, airy, and helps to create that relaxing vibe that you’re looking for. Obviously that light and airy feeling is only good for the day time, so make sure you grab yourself some blackout blinds to keep you sound asleep when the sun comes up. White walls with one feature wall will do just fine. The feature wall can define what colours you use for the rest of your room. One colour that we’re really loving at the minute is teal. Teal is a nice relaxing colour, and the accessories you can get to match will just look lovely. Be sure to get a nice white and teal bedding. A light oak chest of drawers will give you a lovely area for you to get ready, as well as to store all of the things you need.


The Perfect Accessories


There are some really cool accessories out there at the minute. One we think will look great is stacked shelves for you to put things like a makeup box, jewelry stand, books etc. Paint then a teal colour to match the rest of the room and it’ll look lovely. Room plants are looking really good at the minute, you can get them in little silver ornaments that just give that chilled out vibe to a room.


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  1. I have always had a few room cacti to give my room some green and to make it more refreshing. After reading your post I think I’ll find some silver ornaments to go along with it.

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