Avoiding The Games Console: Suggestions To Keep Older Children Entertained

When it comes to keeping older children entertained it can be quite the difficult task. Younger children seem to be happy with colouring, reading, and their toys, but as children get older and hit there pre-teen and teen years, the introduction of technology is so much more evident in their lives. It is an issue when it comes to things like games consoles, tablets and computers, and with games being so readily available you ruin the risk of your children being glued to these devices rather than doing anything else. Of course, in moderation, technology is great for kids, but it might be worth trying to introduce other activities that could help them avoid being on a games console during their spare time. I wanted to share with you some of the suggestions.

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Playing sports after school and on the weekends


Sport is one of the obvious choices when it comes to encouraging children away from their rooms and technology, and it is still one of the best ways children can learn new skills, socialise, and remain fit and healthy. Whether you choose something active like soccer or basketball or they prefer other options like swimming or athletics, there is bound to be some sort of sporting activities they like. As a mom, you could also get involved with the training and team, perhaps being in charge of the youth basketball uniforms or being the one that provides the refreshments at training. It is a great way to be involved in your kids activities, without taking over or in their words cramping their style.


Encourage them to be more social


When it comes to being social, as children get older, their insecurities become more evident to them and their confidence can drop. Making new friends or talking to other students can become a little more difficult. So encouragement to be more social could be a great way to help them step out of their comfort zone. Whether that is encouraging having friends over after school or playing outside, it can be a lovely way to help older children grow in confidence.


Introduce daily or weekly chores with rewards


Chores may not be their idea of fun, but as parents it is important for you to help establish some skills in terms of independence and taking care of themselves for when they get older. It could be that you encourage them to keep their room tidy, make their beds, or vacuum the house. It could be that you want them to help in the garden or other chores. Whatever it is, it could be a great way to keep them from the tech, and teach them good values. You could also reward them each week or month for keeping up with it.


Discuss new hobbies they could explore


Finally, why not discuss new hobbies that they could explore. It might be science club after school, or entering chess tournaments. It might have something to do with sports, adventuring or being outdoors. Whatever it is they want to do, try and encourage it as best you can. It could be just the distraction they need from the games console and technology.


I hope that this has given you some ideas to consider to help your children be less reliant on their technology.

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