Adventure Time with Tanner and Charlie!

Adventure Time with Charlie and Tanner!

Our first thing, and most important is the rules regarding the pond. No adult means no playing by the pond. Ponds can be dangerous, so we take precautions when it comes to the pond, however that doesn’t mean we still cannot have fun with it!

Charlie and Tanner would sleep outside if we let them. Anything and everything that has to do with outdoors they are all over it. We have recently purchased a small fishing net and the boys have not put it down. For $1.99 at Walmart, this net has been one of the best purchases I could have made.

Very carefully the boys will go up to the pond and squat down to where they can reach the net into the water and wait. We have learned that once you put the net in the water the fish will swim away, so we put the net in the water and wait. After about 30 seconds to one minute, the little minnows will swim back by the bank and we are able to catch them! This is something the boys LOVE to do whenever they go outside, and it’s a great learning activity also! They get to see what exactly a minnow is, what fish eat minnows, different types of minnows and understanding the difference between a tadpole and minnow.


If you have any free time you should grab a small net and go, see what type of animals you can catch with your little ones in a pond! But always be careful, watch your step and don’t forget to have fun!!!

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