A Simple Guide To Finding Your Purpose In Life

People can spend their whole lives wondering what their true ‘purpose’ is,and never find out. Why? Because they wait for it to come and knock on their door, but unfortunately, that rarely happens! Finding your purpose means exploring yourself and the world, and then making a decision based on what you’ve found.


This simple guide to finding your purpose in life should give you a few clues on how to proceed if you’ve spent the majority of your life trying to figure it out. Read on to learn more!



Explore Your Hobbies And Interests

Start by exploring your hobbies and interests on a deeper level. You can do this alongside your current job, so there’s no pressure to leave and venture on a journey of self exploration just yet! If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to do something, sign up to a night course of a workshop. Read books and watch YouTube videos on the subject. Buy some materials and practice at home. Try lots of different things to get an idea of what you really like to do. If you figure out that you can lose track of time doing something for hours, it’s a great sign!


Work Out What Matters To You

What really matters to you? What issues do you find yourself getting most passionate about in the world? Below are a few areas you may consider:

  • Customer service
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Being happy
  • Creating products that solve problems
  • Sharing stories that inspire people


Assess your values and the things you feel really matter. What would you like your contribution to the world to be? What area do you think you could make a difference in?


Cultivate A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is essential if you’re ever going to get anywhere in life. You can’t compare yourself to somebody else, as their life, mindset, and timeline is completely different to yours. Do not feel under pressure. You’re not behind, you’re simply working at your own pace. Change the negative stories that you tell yourself into positive ones and you’ll go much further than you ever imagined.


Treat Everything As A Lesson

Make sure you treat everything that happens to you in life a lesson, both bad and good. Every interaction, every situation, is there to teach you something. Figuring out what you can take away from each situation will do you the world of good.


Ask People You Know

The people you know may be able to give you more insight into what you think you’d be good at. Ask your friends and family and see what they say. Some people also like to go for psychic readings, although this is entirely down to the individual and their beliefs.


Think Of The Times You Feel The Most Alive

Think back to all of the times that you have felt the most alive. Was it when you were writing an amazing story or blog post? When you were helping somebody with their relationship issues? When you were strutting your stuff down a catwalk?


Don’t wait for your purpose to come to you. Get out there and find it!

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