5 Ways To Secure Your Basement From Outside Threats

When you consider home security, it’s likely you’ve thought about locks on the doors and security lights outside. You may have even thought about a panic button upstairs and bars on the first floor and ground floor windows. The one place you haven’t thought about? The basement.

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The basement is a deceptive place in the house when you think about it. It’s the place you do your laundry in, play video games in, and possibly the place that houses your boiler. It’s under your house and accessed by the steps in your hall, and while it has a door leading to a set of outside steps, there’s a gate there, so you haven’t considered how you should secure it as a separate entity to the rest of the house. Here’s the thing: basements make for an easy entry point for outside threats, whether that be burglars in the holidays or rats sneaking in to find warmth. With a little know-how, you need to use these five ideas to secure your home against threats.

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  • Have Visible Windows


Having high bushes outside of the house that cover your windows can seem like a fantastic idea when it comes to making your house look tidy and well kept. However, it’s this that provides robbers with easy coverage. You need to cut back the plants so that windows remain visible. If you can see the windows, you can see the burglars.



  • Get To Know Your Exterminator


Not every threat is human. Rats and mice can scurry in through all the smallest cracks or open windows and doors. They can set up camp in the walls and you could lose electricity if they get through the wiring cupboards. Getting to know local pest control companies is a good idea. They can help you to eliminate the threat in a humane way so that your home stays safe!



  • Home Security Systems Are A Must


It’s likely you have a security system for the rest of the house, so invest a little further and have some of your security systems in the basement. Leave decals on the windows to warn the burglars that you are secured, and if they choose to ignore it, silent alarms can alert the cops.



  • Security Film On Windows Work!


Windows are great for keeping out the wind and rain, but they’re glass, which means that they’re easily breakable. If security bars aren’t your style, try covering the windows in security film. The glass will hold if the windows are hit with an object – as well as a kick or punch – and you can get it done in a weekend.



  • Light It Up


Security lights that cover the basement area outside are as important as the rest of the house. Take the time to get motion sensor lights installed to cover your basement and you can deter people from even trying to get in.


The basement is just as much a part of the home as the rest of it. Take the time to make it secure for you.

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