4 Things Guaranteed To Ruin Your Summer At Home (And What To Do About Them)


Summer isn’t here yet, but at the time of writing it’s April, meaning there are only a couple of months to go! Yippee! Let’s just hope the sun finally starts to make an all-day appearance (rather than the occasional hello before disappearing back behind the rain clouds). If you’re looking forward to the warmer season, you are probably hoping for the chance to kick back a little at home, whether you are also going away on vacation this year or not. BE WARNED HOWEVER… there are some things that are going to ruin your enjoyment unless you get on top of them early. Consider the following for example.


  1. Bugs and Beasties




You’re not the only one planning to chill out (heat up) at home this summer. Chances are, you will also be subjected to your annual visitors (and we aren’t talking about Uncle Bob and his brood of kids). We are talking about wasps, mosquitoes, ants, and cockroaches. In some cases, there will be a literal sting in the tale if you don’t bug-proof your house and garden, so look online and find some DIY methods of taking care of the pesky creatures or hire a pest control service to get on top of the situation for you. Remember the saying: once bitten twice shy! In other words, learn from experience and take precautions.


  1. Coughs and sneezes


Forget the winter cold, for one in five people, the worst time of the year for coughs and sneezes is the summer. We are talking about hayfever, of course, and when the symptoms arise, you are going to be wishing summer away before it’s even begun. If you (or any member of your family) suffer from these nuisance colds, there are ways to reduce the risk of you suffering from it. Avoiding pollen is a start, as that is the cause of hayfever, and keeping an eye on the weather forecast so you know when it’s safe to venture outdoors. Should you fall prey to hayfever, speak to your pharmacist about antihistamines and eye drops to help you get manage this summer cold.


  1. The school holidays

Your kids are off school! Good news for them, but somewhat frustrating for you if you don’t have any plans to keep them entertained for the duration of the holidays. Do yourself a favour then and plan some fun activities, such as outdoor games, day trips, and just to be on the safe side, rainy day activities if the sun decides to take a nosedive during the day. You will grateful that you did, especially if the words “I’m bored” are prone to getting on your fragile nerves.


  1. The sweltering heat



Some people moan about the cold in the winter, and then they moan about the heat in the summer! They are never satisfied, although to be honest, they do have a point. The heat can be a real problem, especially concerning health matters. From sunburn to dehydration, hayfever isn’t the only condition we should be worrying about. Still, you can make matters easier. Ensure your air-conditioning is working ahead of time, stock your refrigerator with drinks and ice lollies, and bulk buy the appropriate factor sun cream to keep you protected all summer long.


And so…


Heed our warnings and you should have a better summer ahead of you. We hope you have fun, whatever you are planning to do. Thanks for reading!

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