3 Simple Ways To Inject A Little Bohemian Spirit Into Your Home

This post is for the free birds, the ones that love to walk on the beach and collect sea glass and interesting pebbles. The ones that want their home’s interior to reflect how they see themselves and the world. The ones that aren’t scared to be a little different. In fact, this post is for those with an irrepressible bohemian spirit. Just read on to find out more.


Go eclectic


If you want to achieve a home interior with a real boho vibe, it’s important not to get too hung up on one particular decade or style. In fact, you have to be something of an interior design agnostic, mixing styles, fabrics, finishes, and surfaces altogether.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that your home has to be in a constant state of chaos! Far from it as it can still be a clam well put together haven. It’s just that you don’t need everything to be ‘matchy-matchy.’


With that in mind try a leather or faux hide couch like the ones reviewed at https://www.bestproducts.com  along with wooden chairs, rock that hand-painted gourd along with that tall pottery vase from the sixties. Don’t feel like those fantastic throws in a rainbow of colors that you brought back from you last travels need to stay in the blanket box either. Instead drape them around and revel in the eclectic bliss that you create.  


Don’t be afraid of color


Next, remember to involve color in your home, and I don’t mean opting for a tinted white paint instead of a magnolia this time. In fact, one of the biggest joys of having a bohemian style home is that you can use a whole rainbow of color in your interior design.


Now, how you execute this is up to you, some folks like to have everything painted in an array of different colors, from the furniture to the walls.


However, others prefer to use decorative accents like the stained glass work you can get at www.stainedglasspanelsplus.com that come in brightly colored, tiffany style, mandala designs. A decoration that is only enhanced as the sun streams through it in the morning, and it casts rainbow shadows all over the room that you choose to hang it in.


Comfort is essential


Lastly, in a home that has bohemian vibe comfort is essential to consider. That means out with the stuffy formal seating arrangements and uncomfortable chairs, and in with low wicker stools, floor cushions, pillow soft couches, and as many throw pillow as you can shake a stick at.


Choose fabrics and materials that not only look great but are pleasing and soft to the touch too, something you can find more about at https://freshome.com. The reason being that these will ensure that you and your guests will be as comfortable as possible.


Of course, all of these items increase the potential to add color and pattern to your interior design. Something that will transform your space not only into a physically comfortable place in which to sit, rest, and talk with friends but it will also be a treat for the eyes as well.

17 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways To Inject A Little Bohemian Spirit Into Your Home

  1. I love the bohemian look, but my house is very simplistic. I would love to add in some pops of color into my home.

  2. My bedroom would be that colorful and mismatched if my husband would allow it. Instead, we do a lot of gray and I throw in pops of color.

  3. These are cute ideas – it’s nice to add some color and flair into our homes. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the idea of wall hangings and tapestries because they are so easy to add.

  4. I love the colorful Bohemian inspired decorations. The rug, the curtains and the bedspread all look fantastic! I don’t know if my husband would find it cute, but I am thinking of decorating our guest bedroom this way. 🙂

  5. I have never thought of going Bohemian in my interiors until this! I didnt expect that different colors could relax your eyes. I like the idea that being carefree in choosing the colors could be so homey. Also, I love your boho way of writing 🙂

  6. Bohemian is a style that I have heard lots about and I really never considered it to bring into my home until now. It seems that it will ad that special touch to the house that is missing.

  7. I love how the bedroom above screams ‘I am a free spirit’, it really does like so open and full of fresh air. I didn’t know you could bring boho style to the bedroom too, but its very pretty now that I see how it can be done!

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