Roses are red, violets are blue, how much money will somebody spend on you…and their other lover?


According to a survey conducted by Finder, 68.2 million Americans (26.77% of the adult population) plan to buy a Valentine’s gift for more than one romantic partner in 2020. Men are more likely than women to be shopping for more than one partner, with 35.50% of men saying they will be purchasing a Valentine gift for more than one romantic partner, compared to 21.03% of women. Talk about spreading the love far and wide this year!


Here are some key highlights from our findings:

  • Americans are planning to spend roughly $50 billion for Valentine’s Day in 2020, with the combination of $19.2 billion on gifts and $30.7 billion on activities
  • Millennials are expected to spend the most on Valentine’s Day gifts and will drop approximately $8.4 billion in 2020
  • Travel is the priciest item on Valentine’s Day, with people expected to spend an average of $299 on a romantic getaway


The full report can be found here:


Below I have included commentary from Gabrielle Pastorek, Shopping Writer for Finder.


Gabrielle Pastorek, Shopping Writer at Finder:


“While I’m a bit surprised at the percentage of people who are buying gifts for more than one romantic partner this Valentine’s Day, I’m not at all shocked that online spending continues to gain more and more traction, even during a holiday where the focus is on traditionally store-bought items like flowers, cards and candies.


It makes sense that Amazon is the most popular retailer for V-Day shopping — free speedy shipping for Prime members makes last-minute online gifting possible like never before. I expect this to be a trend that continues to increase year over year, spanning across all major holidays.


Another relatively new trend we’re seeing across most major holidays is a shift in focus from physical gifts to experience gifts, such as dining out, outdoor adventures and travel. Our stats show that gifts for this Valentine’s Day are following suit, with a huge portion of spending planned for travel bookings.”

Snow Day in January

Every year my family goes to Snow Day to spend the day playing in the snow! Living in South Texas, this is usually the only way we get to see it. This year was especially fun since my son and nephews are old enough to enjoy it.

I love making memories with my son, this is so important. I have realized the more he experiences the more he understands and learns. I remember hearing stories from mom who is a retired teacher how some of her students had never left the town they were born in so they didn’t understand what the world was about.

After we visit places my son talks about it for days. He remembers so much and loves to share his experiences. I would rather make memories then buy toys!

Long School Days Booster

Being a full time mom and a full time student, I am always exhausted! I try and get to bed early but regardless I am always exhausted. I knew there had to be something I could take to help perk me up besides energy drinks! So I did a little research and found Natrogix Garcinia Cambogia, these are all natural pills that not only help with energy but have helped me with my appetite.

I noticed shortly after I started taking them how alert I felt and no more 1:00 p.m. yawns! I feel as though I can make it through the day now.  These are made with veggie capsules so no yucky ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

So if you are like me having trouble staying awake during the day and feeling drained all the time, you  should check them out!!

Single Mother Tips

I am a full time mother and a full time student. I have had to learn to cut corners and save when shopping for essentials. I wanted to share a few tips that I have learned along the way!

  1. Couponing. Now, I am NOT organized and don’t clip coupons and have a folder but what I did is super easy. I downloaded the Dollar General App and clip those coupons almost daily and watch a few Dollar General Facebook Pages as to what is on sale and what I can get cheap almost daily. This has saved me for years from paying full price on cleaning supplies and even food!
  2. I use Fetch with every receipt I receive to save even more money! It is so easy and I have been able to purchase gift cards with my receipts!
  3. Good grades equal scholarships! This part has taken a lot of hard work but being a single mom you don’t have a choice but to work hard!
  4. Lastly, it isn’t about the gifts or toys they have or receive, it is about the time spent, I love finding FREE activities to do with him on the weekends, rather go hiking or site seeing. I also like the idea of telling family and friends instead of toys we love going and doing so tickets to upcoming functions are always welcome!

Although this is extremely hard it is worth it knowing you are bettering yourself for you children, or in my case my son.


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