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Playtime In The Springtime: Fun Activities Outside For Your Little Ones

It is now the spring, and it is finally the type of weather where you can actually be outside without wanting to go straight back indoors. Getting outside in the fresh air and garden is so good for you mentally, but your children massively benefit from the great outdoors and spending time in the fresh air. But what can you do to keep them occupied or encourage them to go outside and put down the technology? I thought I would share with you some of the fun outdoor activities you could consider this spring and summer.


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Going out for a long walk in the local park


One of the most simplest but yet fun activities you can do is head to your local park and explore. Many local parks have lots of fun areas that you can enjoy. There may be an adventure playground for your children to run off all that excess energy. There might be things like nature walks or exploration you can do in different parts. It really can be a great affordable afternoon away from your home enjoying the fresh air.


Playing outside on bikes or scooters


Sometimes the simplest activities bring the most joy, and this is when playing outside on a bike or a scooter can do just that. It is one of those things that most children should experience at some point, the learning of rising a bike or balancing on a scooter. Websites like Kids Ride Wild have some great ones to consider. You could then take this one step further and venture out on the bikes or scooters to parks or even on specific bike rides. It can certainly be a lot of fun for the whole family.


Getting the paddling pool out


Another thing to think about doing would be to get a paddling pool in your garden. Water is a great thing to enjoy on the warmer days, and it can actually be very refreshing. However, if you want to take swimming and water fun one step further, your local outdoor pool could be a great stop. Learning to swim is one of life’s lessons that we all should get the opportunity to do at some point, and it is easier when the children are younger.


Making it educational


I also think that getting outside can be a great opportunity for learning. You can use the nature around you, take up gardening activities and teach children how things grow, or just learn about animals and smaller insects or bugs in your garden vicinity. Making it educational means that you are taking advantage of the tools you have around you while also having some fun outside.


Playing sport


Finally, what could be more fun than playing sport outside? Whether you fix a basketball hoop to your house, get the soccer ball out, or play a bit of soft ball or tennis, there can be so many things relevant to sport that you can do outside with your children. It can keep them occupied, teach them rules and sportsmanship as well as being a great way to keep fitness levels up.


I hope that these tips help you when it comes to figuring out activities for your little one this spring.

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Update your Resume in 2018!


It can get to a point in life where you have been in the same job for a while and have gotten everything you can out of it. And so you become stuck in a rut where the only thing that is making you walk through the door every day is the fact that bills need to get paid. But what is really stopping you from trying something new? Maybe there’s a new area, connected to the job you already do that you can move into, or perhaps it’s just the company you work for. Maybe you need a whole new career path and begin again. However you go about shaking things up, you need to make sure your resume is up to scratch.


Up To Date


It’s a good idea to keep your resume up to date regardless of whether you’re looking for a new job or not. Even if it’s just a note stating the day you started your role, dates if any promotions, and the extra responsibilities or training you have received. That way there’s no guesswork, and you won’t miss anything out. But it’s not just your employment history you need to modify; look at your cell number, home, and email address – are they correct? Have your objectives and hobbies changed since you last edited your resume? And, if you do include an image, is it a recent one? Your resume is an outward statement of who you are now and not who you were five years ago.




To give your resume a boost, and to provide you with an excellent hobby that has nothing to do with work, consider volunteering. There is a whole range of things that you can do that might or might not link in with your chosen career path. Volunteering on its own shows a willingness to go beyond the basics, to spend your time helping others. It can show leadership, initiative, teamwork, and care. Which all goes a long way to an employer. If you are looking for a promotion, perhaps your volunteering invokes getting involved in new projects and spending some of your time working on them. If you’re looking to move into zoo keeping, for example, volunteering with animals at a shelter, vets or farm will work in your favor.




If you have plenty of experience in the area you’re moving into, then you shouldn’t really need any more qualifications. If you do, it will quite often be something the company offers to provide. If you’re looking elsewhere, then you might need to look at adding to your education. If you want to move into public service, then doing an online criminology BA would work wonders. As would a degree in social care if you’re going to move into social services. Quite often you can find that future employers are happy to allow you to study alongside your new job, so never think that you can’t apply for something just because you haven’t finished studying. You might get lucky and have them offer to pay for your course – who knows?




Everyone has different skills to their name. However, there is a list that pertains to pretty much anyone who has held down a job, and done well in it, for more than a couple of years:

  • Team Player
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Time Keeping
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Multitasking

If you have worked with money, you can add ‘money management’ to the list, if you have led a team then add ‘team leader’. They might sound simple, but a list of viable skills such as these gives any potential employer a good insight into how you work. You should also rank your skills according to what you feel is more important to the role you’re applying for. A job as a manager would need leadership and organizing right at the top, for example. If you have any critical skills with computer programs, add them to your list. And not all of your skills need to be work-related; adding that you play the violin to the list shows perseverance, hard work and that you have a hobby.

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