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Are You Ready To Make The Most Of Your Summer Nights?



At this time of year, we’re all excited to spend more time outside and with the people that we love the most. But a lot of the time, the season can creep up on you. Before you know it, the sun is shining and you’re not ready to get out there and enjoy it. So right now, while spring is wrapping up, you’re going to want to make sure you’re prepared for a fun summer. Because when you’ve had a long day at work or you’ve been taking care of the house and kids all day, you want to know that you can just kick back and relax in the evenings. The best way to do that is to prepare in advance so that you’re good to go. So let’s walk through some of the preparations you should put in place.


Scrub The Deck


First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that your patio area is looking great. When you can switch your schedule around, you’re going to want to slot in a space to get out there and clean everything up. Make sure that your decking or patio is nice and clean, and that you’ve cleared away any overgrown plants, trees, or flowers. Just look to give the space a nice tidy up, so it’s looking its best for when you entertain.



Update Your Furniture


From here, you’re then going to want to make sure that you have all of the furniture you need. So take a look at different outdoor furniture options online. Think about what pieces you need and go from there. If you are entertaining, then you might find that a great daybed set is going to be relaxing for the family and gives you extra seats too.


Create Some Atmosphere


Next, you need to make sure that your outside living space has the right feel about it too. Because you want to be able to relax out there, so it’s great to know that you have the right atmospheric touches in place. Bring in some candles and lights, think about a fire fit, maybe even some surround some. Then add in cushions and blankets so that you can wrap up when it gets cold too.



Source Your Recipes


You’ll also want to make sure that you have some simple but delicious go-to summer recipes ready too. If you know that you have guests coming over, or you just want to be able to enjoy your evenings with less fuss, these recipes will help. Also think of some quick and crowd-pleasing cocktails too and keep the ingredients to have.


Pick The Perfect Look


Finally, you’re then going to want to make sure you have some great outfits ready to go too. Because you also want to know that you can pull out different looks at a moments notice to entertain or just feel great. Put together some simple but sophisticated looks ahead of time so you know that options you have when you have a last minute occasion to host.


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Don’t Let Burglars Steal Your Summer! Hot Tips To Keep Them At Bay



Warning! Your home is under threat this summer from unwanted visitors. And no, we aren’t talking about cousin June and her family brood. Rather, we are talking about that other unwelcome guest, the burglar! A home-break-in is no laughing matter, and your summer will be ruined if this devious swine gets into your home. Here are some tips to keep the miscreant at bay.


  1. Always check your doors and windows.


It’s tempting to leave doors and windows open during the warmer days, especially when trying to cool down your house from the suffocating heat. Bad mistake! Any entrance into your property is a temptation to the would-be thief, and the skilled burglar can get in and out within seconds, particularly if you have valuables lying around in plain sight. Our advice is this: avoid opening any access point, and rely on your aircon instead. If you do need to open a window, ensure you fully shut and lock it when you have to leave the house.


  1. Invest in a home security system


Not only useful during the summer, but considering you may be away from home on a vacation during the season, these nifty devices will deter any burglar from gaining access. Should they still try and bypass the system and gain entry into your home, the security system will notify the law. Check out some of the home security reviews at Homesecuritysystem.co, and find something that fits your needs and price range.


  1. Burglar-proof your garden


No, we aren’t talking about planting a minefield amongst your roses! Instead, reclaim your privacy from any burglars stalking the neighbourhood (and your nosey neighbours), by following some of the ideas listed here. From planting shrubbery tall enough to lose a giraffe in (that was a slight exaggeration) to securing your fence as much as possible, the burglar will likely give up the chase of your valuable goods and sniff out your next-door neighbour instead.


  1. Don’t broadcast your holiday plans


Of course, you’re excited about what you’re doing on holiday, but remember that a burglar could be in earshot, or checking through your social media posts online. So be careful what you say. Don’t, for example, have a daily Facebook status counting down how many days it is before you head out on your annual summer vacation. It’s only 3 more days until you get on the plane, which in burglar speak, is only 3 more days until your home is a welcoming target!


  1. Enlist the aid of your neighbours


Assuming you are on speaking terms, and can trust your neighbours, ask them to be on the lookout for you. Even if you are only going away on day trips, it still pays to have somebody watching your back, or in this case, your home and garden! Give them your number in case they see something suspicious, and if you are away for an extended period, ask them to collect your mail and turn your home’s lights on and off under the pretence that you are actually home.




A burglar will ruin your summer and steal all the peace and relaxation you were hoping for. Follow our tips to keep your home safe, and hopefully, you will be able to rest well, whether you’re at home for the summer or sunning it abroad.


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Getting Your Kid’s Wardrobe Summer Ready

Summer is almost here, even if it seems like spring hasn’t even started yet! But, even though the weather hasn’t been too great recently, it’s worth crossing our fingers and praying for a fab summer, right? After all, it’s just another excuse to buy some new clothes – you’re going to need a new summer wardrobe that is full of all the latest trends and styles!


But don’t forget about your kids too. They will also need some summer clothes and garments so that they can stay cool in the coming warmer weather. Ready to get your kid’s summer wardrobe all ready to go? Here are some great tips, some of which might even help you save some money on their new clothes!




Shop Online


Generally speaking, it is often a lot cheaper to buy your clothes online that in person in the shops. This is even the case with fashion stores that have both bricks-and-mortar shops and online stores – more often than not, you will usually find the best prices online. So, why go to all the effort of leaving your home to go shopping for your kid’s summer clothes when you can get more info and better prices by looking online? Don’t worry about not having the chance to try before you buy. Most online fashion shops have some very good returns policies in place. So, even if an item that you buy doesn’t fit or doesn’t look quite like what it did in the images online, you should be able to easily return it and get yourself a refund.



Alter Some Of Their Winter Clothes


How are your sewing machine skills? Hopefully, they are pretty good as they can help you save a pretty penny when it comes to getting some summer clothes for your child. If you do alright with a sewing machine and a sewing needle, then you should be able to repurpose some of the winter clothes in your child’s wardrobe into garments that are perfect for the summer months. If you can do this with enough items of clothing, you might be able to get away with buying any new clothes at all! Think your sewing skills could do with some improvement? Don’t panic; there are loads of great guides and how-tos online. You might even be able to enroll for a sewing course that is local to you for some hands-on practice!




Go For Cotton


When you are looking for new clothes for your kids, you should always try and get them some summer ones that are made out of cotton or other natural fibers and materials. That’s because these natural materials will help the skin breathe better and will also ensure that the body can regulate its own temperature more conveniently too. So, cotton clothes will help to keep your kids nice and cool, even if the temperatures do get incredibly high! Not only will they ensure that your kids don’t overheat, but the fibers in the clothes will also help lift sweat away from the skin. That means that your child won’t have to suffer so badly from any heat rashes or other heat-related skin irritations.




Don’t Forget A Hat


Whenever you leave the house in the summer, you should always remember to put a hat on your child. This isn’t just to help them look super cool; it also serves a much more serious purpose. And that is that the hat can prevent your child from suffering from heat stroke. There are lots of safety precautions that you should take whenever you and your child go outside. For instance, these include applying sun cream and wearing sunglasses. These are important as they can reduce the effects of being out in all that sunshine. Well, hats can also protect you to as they keep the back of the neck cool and in shade. If the back of the neck is ever exposed to too much sun, you will be at risk from suffering from heat stroke. So, ensure you get your child a summer hat so that they can stay safe and healthy this summer.




Look At Thrift Stores


Worried that you might end up spending way too much cash on your kid’s new summer wardrobe? Don’t start to worry or panic about it – there are always ways to find cheap clothes, especially when it comes to children’s fashion. For example, you can always start shopping in your nearest thrift store. Even though most of the clothes in these types of shops will be second-hand and hand-me-downs, it can also be a great place to find discounted new clothes as well. This is especially the case if the thrift store focuses on factory seconds. These are brand new clothes that have slight imperfections on them that means that the brand is unable to sell them for the full retail price. So, they often send them to thrift stores to sell on at cheaper prices.




Take A Look For Discount Codes And Coupons


If you don’t think you will be able to get to a thrift store any time, maybe because there isn’t one in your local area, you can always look for fashion coupons and discount codes online. Lots of online retailers regularly offer these kinds of deals and discounts that can help you make some really big savings when shopping for your child’s new summer wardrobe. First of all, it’s a good idea to sign up to our favorite brand or store’s online newsletter as they will often email out special deals to their loyal subscribers. It’s also useful to do a quick Google search to see what kinds of discount codes and coupons you can find by searching the web. There are lots of specialist coupon sites that often release discounts for clothing brands. So be sure to keep an eye out for them!


There is no reason you should struggle to create a new summer wardrobe for your kid – hopefully, all of the above tips will help you out!

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