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Story Time!

I always worry that my son will not have enough Social Skills, or have learned enough before he attends school so when opportunities come up like Story Time I jump on them! Storytime is an event at one of our libraries once a week that is FREE. Every Wednesday morning from 10:45-11:15ish we sing songs, interact with other kids around my son’s age, and do a little activity.

Today we sang nursery rhymes about colors, thumbs, bears, bees, and many more. After the songs, we read two books about dinosaurs! My son LOVES dinosaurs which made him very involved.

After the two stories about dinosaurs, all the kids were given an ice egg. Inside the ice egg was a dinosaur we had to “hatch”. My son was given a cup of hot water and a paintbrush. He would then use the paintbrush to “paint” hot water on the ice egg until it melted, and the baby dinosaur came out! My son hatched a green stegosaur, which happened to be one of his favorite dinosaurs!

We love to attend story time when we can, it’s always fun to find a kid-friendly activity to do around your home. Check your closest library to see if they have one!

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Sensory Bottle

Being a work at home mom has always been a dream of mine! I am able to spend all day with my three-year-old son and make my own schedule. Every Monday morning my son and I pick out activities he is to do every day that week. Our activity today is making a Sensory Bottle for the first time!! Since we had never made it before, so we were both thrilled to figure out how to make one. A Sensory Bottle is good for helping a child calm down and encourage self-regulation.

If your child feels overwhelmed, anxiety, and wound up this would be a great activity for them to do. We made a mess FAST with all the glitter and small beads, so do not be alarmed. It was fast and easy to clean which makes it a great activity anyone can do.

We started with an empty bottle of water and filled it half full of cooking oil. I did it over the sink, but if you need you can use a funnel to make sure the cooking oil does not spill.Then we added some blue, green, and yellow marbles, along with decorative beads.

After that, we added a red and silver glitter to give it an extra sparkle.
After the glitter, we added blue dye and the filled the rest with water.

Once it was full I put the lid on and then tapped it making sure it would not spill. Then my son took the bottle and shock it for a good five minutes to make sure everything was good a mixed together.

My son loves his Sensory Bottle! I highly recommend everyone should make one!

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Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin

During the winter it’s sometimes a tough time of year because my three-year-old son can’t spend as much time outside as he would like. If I would let him this little boy would be outside all day every day. With it being cold there is more of a chance of him getting sick, so we do 15-20 minutes outside with him toys then come inside for awhile to warm up. Not being able to be outside has led to finding creative things for him to do inside. I do not like to stick him in front of a TV so having different activities planned out is always a must for colder weather. The Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin is an activity that I love to have in our everyday activities.

It comes with 150 All wood pieces which your little one can create whatever your little one’s heart desires. To be exact it has 124 real wood logs, 4 redwood gables, 20 green wood roof slats, 2 redwood chimneys and a complete building manual to help build it! Today we built a log cabin with a door in it, taking turns stacking the pieces together. I love how it helps the kids learn how something is built, and how something is designed.

The colors are redwoods for the walls, with the roof slants being a bright red, and the roof is a green making it easy for the kiddos to know exactly where something goes. You can purchase the Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin building set for $23.95.

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