In an active lifestyle, we naturally wear our bodies down. Or in the case of many nowadays, we wore
them long before we ever got to an older age because of sports and/or injuries suffered while in high
school. I know with me being in the cross country, track, and tennis, year around I was on my feet being
active. I always had good shoes, in an effort to save my knees and I ate super healthy to maximize my
potential. Unfortunately, injuries and just genetics killed my knees regardless. In college, playing
basketball, I pretty much was told by the trainers, I could either stop playing sports and delay having
repairing surgery till maybe 40 or continue at my pace and have surgery before 30. I laughed it off with
the bulletproof attitude that is so common. But low and behold the older I got the more my joints hurt. I
took all forms of glucosamine to try and rebuild my joints and nothing really took. Then through a series
of events, I ended up taking the Amway Joint Health product and within a little over a week I saw
immediate results. My joints didn’t hurt when I woke up, my workouts didn’t hurt, and I could actually
do squats again. It’s by far the best product for the results wanted I’ve ever taken. So many of them say
you must take them for 2-3 months before you MIGHT start seeing results. But within a week I could feel
my joints feeling better and within two weeks the improvement was just amazing. Most glucosamine
pills are what I like to call “horse pills”: they’re huge! And they want you to take 4 of them daily. I had to
cut them in half just to have a shot at swallowing them. That’s 8 pills daily! The Amway Joint Health is
just normal size vitamin pills with hardly any aftertaste. They ask that you take 2 pills twice daily for
maximum effect but for several months now I’ve only been taking 2 a day and I have no joint pain
anywhere. If you have joint pain and are taking a glucosamine supplement and you feel like it’s not
getting you anywhere I highly suggest trying these out.

Sony Headphones

When going to the gym, I really couldn’t care less what I look like. Basketball shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt or athletic shirt, hair done or not done, there’s consistency in my outfit minus my shoes which are always some form of running shoe. Heck, 90% of the time I don’t even match my socks up. But where my lack of coordinated attire has no effect on my workout, the accessories that I have to do. Every work out consists of a pair of water-resistant Sony headphones, my sports watch, and my iPhone. Now granted the iPhone is basically my walking MP3 player, the most important item is the headphones. The Sony MDR-XB50BS wireless sports headphones are, for lack of a better word, awesome. Their design allows me to have a full range of motion during my stretches, lifts, and runs. They never fall out which was a problem I always had with any earbuds or other wireless headphones. Especially earbuds though. The cost of earbuds does even come close to negating the fact that anytime you do a full extension stretch or lift, or it gets caught on something while running or lifting, they get yanked out of your ear. I can’t even tell you the number of times my phone got yanked out of my pocket or hand while doing a lift because the cord got caught on something. They also are super comfortable. Headphones like the beats which are also wireless encase your entire ear which makes them hot, and it only gets hotter and sweater as you heat up the workout. Whereas with these, they have the easy feeling of earbuds, but the wireless of the beats. And to add to that, they don’t hurt your ear in any way. If it weren’t for the music playing in your ear you’d forget they were there. The other features such as the hands-free calling are just added bonuses. I can actually answer a phone call now in the gym (even if it’s to say, “I’ll call you back.”) without having to step away or just send them to voicemail. Let’s be honest, there are some phone calls you just don’t want to miss. The water resistance is an important feature too because after finally finding a pair of headphones that you like you don’t want them to give out on you in few months due to your own sweat ruining them. From an avid workout enthusiast, I have to say these headphones are the best I’ve ever used.

How my Eating Habits Changed

With all the different forms of nutrition, eating habits, what you should and shouldn’t put into your body when trying to lose weight it’s hard to figure out what’s accurate and what’s just trying to sell you on the newest fad. So, skipping whatever the latest trend is with consumption, let me tell you what has worked for me. One of the things I’ve read all over the place was eating consistently. Your body can’t maintain itself without food, especially glucose. I upped my daily meal count from 3-4 to 5-7. Now you might ask, “How the heck is eating more supposed to make you lose weight/ put on muscle mass?” Easy, notice I said I increased my meal count, not my calorie count. I was consuming 2200-2400 calories a day with 3-4 meals, and I still maintain that calorie count with 5-7 meals. The difference is my portions naturally got smaller during the major food times (breakfast, lunch, dinner). It also matters what you eat naturally. Just because you’re eating consistently throughout the day, if those meals are snickers, Reese’s, fried chicken, or a greasy hamburger, then you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for. Snacking on nutritional food such as apples before lunch will curb your appetite where you don’t gorge yourself. Eating peanuts or peanut butter with celery or carrots is a great snack before dinner for similar reasons. Now not eating those “comfort” foods, like my favorite: chicken fried steak isn’t something I’m willing to give up completely. I want to live a healthy life, not a boring one. So, having a meal a few times a week that is something you really want is something I’d recommend doing. It will make the monotony of eating “healthy” bearable and rewarding.

Female by Keith Urban

Female by Keith Urban

I was not sure how I would feel about the song Female by Keith Urban. I catch myself not liking a lot of songs now a day and find myself skeptical when it comes to listening to new songs so when I was kind of surprised when I discovered I absolutely loved this song! This song is so inspirational, it shows that men and females are equal which makes it a perfect song for our present-day culture. There is not enough respect for women in this world today, it is believed females should be in the kitchen cooking or doing household work. If you are a female and want to do that I am taking nothing from you, but if you are a female and do not want to do that this song show we are much more than that.

The chorus goes

“Healer, broken halo

Mother nature

Fire, suit of armor

Soul survivor, Holy Water

Secret Keeper, fortune teller

Virgin Mary, scarlet letter

Technicolor river wild

Baby girl, Woman, Child


Which is so fitting because it shows we are so much more than the believed “stereotype”. Not only does this song have an amazing verse I also like the beat of the song. Keith Urban is an amazing artist and I love how he can bring anything to life. I highly recommend you listen to this song and let me know what thoughts you have! I know you will love it!

Consistency of Working Out

The hardest part of working out is the consistency of just going to the gym. Let’s face it, getting off the couch and out the door takes more willpower than not eating the ice cream sitting in your fridge. That ice cream you’ll forget about until that craving hits, but working out, it’s something you’ll think about throughout the day all the way up to that critical moment in which you either go or you find the excuse that outweighs your reasoning for going. In my recent struggle to find both the time and consistency with going, I have found that constancy and sacrifice in the daily life can lead to the necessary habits that make the gym not a “want to” but a “have to.” The sacrifices I’m talking about comes in the form of self-control. Examples could be: not eating that last piece of pizza even though you’re full, or giving up drinking for a specified time, or getting up and going to work when you’re feeling under the weather and it’d be much easier to just not go. Life is full of inconveniences that will make you want to sacrifice something for nothing. In most cases for those trying to go the gym, it’s the workout. “I didn’t sleep much last night so I’ll just sacrifice the morning workout to get an extra hour of sleep.” “I worked really hard today so I’m just going to sit and watch TV and relax instead of going to the gym.” Everyone has an excuse, it’s working past them that will lead to real gains, both in the gym and life.

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