The Trendiest Home On The Block: New Season Looks For Every Room

Do you spend a decent portion of the day poring over Instagram or Pinterest snaps of impossibly cool interiors? If so, you’re definitely not alone. If you’ve got a flair for design or you’re keen to channel your creativity to ensure your home is always the trendiest pad on the block, here are some new season looks to inspire and enthrall you.

The living room

The living room is an excellent place to start. This is the room where we lounge, loiter and chill out at the end of a busy day. The beauty of interior design trends is the eclectic range of looks that are ticking boxes at any given time. This season, you can choose from stark Scandi vibes, romantic blush pink or a nod to Mother Nature.

Scandinavian minimalism is all about being effortless and adopting a laid-back attitude to styling. This trend is the option for you if you’re not overly concerned with straightening cushions and refolding throws to ensure the edges are perfectly aligned. It’s also an ideal choice for those on a budget, as less is definitely more. Blush could be the trend for you if you like the romantic, vintage vibe, but it can also work well in contemporary homes. Stick to accessories if you’re pushed for space and don’t be afraid to embrace this trend by opting for a single standout piece, such as a head-turning chair. Finally, the natural look. Natural interiors are perfect for spring/summer, and it’s very easy to recreate the stunning images you see in glossy magazines at home. Scatter plants around the room, swap fur rugs for bamboo and stick to wooden furniture. Keep the walls fresh and clean and add subtle botanical prints using cushion covers or patterned candle holders.

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The bedrooms

Your bedroom should be a haven of peace and tranquility. Of course, if you have kids or even a pet, this is not always the case, but you can but try. For achingly cool children’s rooms, opt for functional, modern modular pieces like those from Oliver Furniture matched with neutral walls and accessories that introduce patterns and color. Keeping things simple will increase space and light and you can use a basic template to switch things up as the season’s age and your child gets older. Moving to your room, the sanctuary you long to escape to as night falls, there’s a host of options available. This season, hot designer trends include opulent boutique hotel vibes and minimalist chic. The minimalist look is perfect for bijou bedrooms, and it’s very easy to achieve brilliant results on a budget. Keep your palette clean and simple, maximize natural light and use accessories sparingly. If you’re going for the more lavish look, make your bed the focal point, add flashes of expensive looking jewel tones and mix luxurious materials like satin and velvet.

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The kitchen

If your kitchen is the heart of the home, it makes sense to make it look phenomenal. White has long been the colcolor choice, but this season, it’s all about being a little more audacious and playing around with color. You don’t have to go crazy and invest in yellow units or paint the walls bright blue, but if that kind of eccentricity floats your boat, this is the time to unleash your inner risk-taker. If you don’t want to go the whole hog with bright shades, adopt a more subtle approach and let your accessories do the talking.

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The bathroom

Most people consider the kitchen the most important room in the house, but this is usually closely followed by the bathroom. If your bathroom could do with a makeover, there are some fabulous looks around for spring/summer. Mosaic tiles are all the rage, and there’s also a nod to the return of the his ‘n’ hers bathroom. Tiles are great because you have free reign to choose a style that suits the room and your individual taste, while a his ‘n’ hers setup adds a luxe touch to even the most understated en-suite. If you’re keen to add colour, opt for earthy tones like grey, blue and green.

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Are you planning a mini makeover at home or are you eager to ensure your residence moves with the times and ticks off the trends? If you’re looking for inspiration for the new season or you feel like your interiors could do with a new lease of life, hopefully, these ideas have got you thinking. Experiment with colour, don’t be afraid to try new things and opt for styles, shades and pieces that reflect your personality.


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I recently helped host a baby shower for her. We had a very good turnout. When you have been friends with someone for so long, their family starts to feel like yours. About 6 other people helped host the party so it was no expensive, and we all split the cost of the main gift which was a double stroller (she has a 2-year-old little girl so a double stroller was perfect for her).

The food that was served there was amazing. For starters, she had a beautiful baby boy cake, with cute matching cupcakes and cookies. There was a fruit trey, and two cheese, meat, and crackers treys. There was also chips with a could of dips to choose from, and a few more finger foods to choose from. I was impressed by the food and also by the decorations. The decorations were blue (of course). The tables had diapers bundled together with a thin net covering over it with balloons tied to it, and each table had about two. The bulletin board had blue balloons stapled to the border giving it a nice pop.


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Six Great Designs for Your Kitchen

A common phrase on many home improvement shows today is “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.” In recent years, realtors, construction companies, and “do-it-yourselfers” have emphasized that a functional and attractive kitchen both increases a property’s value and improves the quality of life for those who reside in the home. Whether you plan to build a new home or remodel your castle to improve its functionality, the first place most of us should focus on is the kitchen.

Six Great Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

  1. Remove Clutter by Concealing Appliances. A popular trend involves designing cabinets that hide appliances, such as microwave drawers. Some refrigerators also blend into adjacent cabinets to give a seamless appearance. Induction stoves mounted on countertops and wall-installed ovens are very popular. Having ample storage space for infrequently-used appliances keeps more of the counter open.
  2. Anticipate Storage Needs, then Add a Little More. To keep the counter clutter-free, think about your storage space needs for food, appliances, and cooking items in the short term, as well as how a growing family, visitors, or other circumstances may impact future needs. Think about that neighbor down the street who can no longer park their car in their garage because of the “stuff” they’ve added. You never want your kitchen to resemble that messy place.
  3. Extra Chilling Space is Cool. Make sure the area you set aside for a refrigerator serves your long-term needs. Ice machine service is a given. Consider smaller coolers for beverages or a prep area. Try to avoid placing that second refrigerator in the garage.
  4. Never Let Limited Prep and Cleaning Space Sink Your Ambitions. Along with planning for ample counter space, design your prep space and sink so that their size and location make kitchen adventures more joyful. Consider having grooves in the sink area that accommodate cutting boards and promote easy draining. For those planning to spend a lot of time at their stove, a second faucet such as a pot-filler faucet on the wall behind the stove is an excellent investment.
  5. Plan Efficiently. High-tech appliances allow busy cooks to multitask. Whether it’s Bluetooth-compliant appliances, automatic faucets, or energy-efficient dishwashers, incorporate high-tech options that allow you to do more with less effort. Many of these gadgets save water and electricity while allowing you to accomplish more in less time.
  6. Aesthetics Matter. Whether color or texture, your designs will make the kitchen both more attractive and easier to maintain. If you prefer bright kitchens, choose a light shade of gray rather than white. Eco-friendly composite countertops are more stain- and bacteria-resistant than wooden counters of the past. Stone countertops are another option to consider. If tile isn’t your thing, consider hardwood floors or polished concrete. When sealed properly, they offer durable options. The hardwood floors can easily transition into the living and dining areas. Polished concrete, when sealed properly, is great for both floors and countertops and comes in a variety of designs. Finally, add some “bling” with bold features that attract attention.

We spend so much time in our kitchens creating memories. The first recipe for our kitchen should be the one that gives it a memorable design.

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Olivia Lind spends her day focusing on her job as a CPA, but, in the evenings you’ll find her organizing and decorating the sets of the local theater guild and helping to arrange showroom floors for one of the largest furniture companies on the west coast. In her free time, she enjoys hitting up the local club scene with her friends and taking extended weekend jaunts wherever her VW bug can take her in a day or two.

Smart Time Tracking

Everything is Smart now—hand-held electronic devices, major household appliances, cars, entire homes. Our technology is getting smarter and smarter in understanding what we’re doing at any moment and what we’ve done in the past. Consequently, we all now need PA (personal assistant) devices or partial PA capabilities in various devices and applications. We at least need Google to suggest restaurants near us, and we need our phones to finish our sentences for us. There are so many devices today that help us find anything we want or need.

In our daily lives, we are connected to everyone and everything we need for doing our work faster and more efficiently and easily. There is no longer a question of whether or not the so-called “Internet of Things (IoT) will become an essential factor in our daily functioning. We are plugged in indeed. We read our mail, pay our bills, read the news, communicate with acquaintances and co-workers, track our work projects, submit invoices, expense reports, and timesheets all via the world-wide-web. The software we use is all cloud compatible and integrated with every other application, permitting data sharing across all offline applications as well as all online pages and platforms. All of this connectivity drives increasing efficiency, profitability, and mobility for users.

How Does Smart Time Tracking Work?

Some forward-thinking companies are now using smartphones and other devices allowing employees to submit their expenses and timesheets digitally from any location. Smart technology allows employees working remotely to constantly maintain tracking of their time, wherever they’re working. New time tracking technology now goes beyond previous capabilities and is smarter than ever. There are multiple ways that time tracking on smart devices are becoming smarter:

Automated Tasks — Numerous time tracking applications feature automatic capture of time in various ways. For example, time spent online may be monitored and logged automatically and contrasted against given projects or tasks. And, RFID proximity can auto-clock employees in and out.

Connections between applications — Most time tracking applications feature integrated functions, affording the convenience of reduced manual work, as well as less error and time. For example, your timesheet could be synchronized with Exchange, allowing your task lists and calendar entries to pull directly into a timesheet application and enter onto your timesheet. For payroll and billing people, integration of your application with their platform make their accounting process smoother, and certainly much quicker. And, it yields more accurate time entries and associated data.

Machine learning algorithms — Machine learning (ML) is the way a machine can learn from actions of users and from the machine’s own actions in response to users’ actions over time and can use accumulated data to assist users in a vast variety of ways.

As it applies to work time tracking, for example, a calendar synchronized with your company’s system can suggest timesheet entries. And, your time tracking system educates itself based on how you categorize, modify, and use the suggestions it delivers—becoming increasingly accurate in its suggestions as time goes by. This is an example of ML capability that can afford you greater and greater convenience and time savings over prolonged periods of use.

GPS/Location tracking — For field employees moving between multiple job sites, or transport workers, location tracking functions can identify your current location and track time used for a client, or on the road, and can track mileage for expense reporting, etc.

Digital time tracking has evolved to make a once entire manual process into a virtually fully automatic one. The benefits of using IoT for time tracking and other such tedious tasks significantly benefits users over time.

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David Brown is a geek at heart. He’s worked and consulted on some major online projects over the years. David has a passion for helping people learn the benefits of steam lining their business through computer technology, thereby saving them time and money. His expertise in the computer world has helped companies time and time again, manage their businesses, employees, and clientele more efficiently.

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