Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom

People say that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. So if yours is looking and feeling like it’s past its best, it’s probably time you made some positive changes to it. This is much easier to do than you might think and there are lots of small ways to refresh your bathroom, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on the project. Those are the kinds of changes we’re going to be looking at today, so read on to find out more.

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Replace the Faucets


It’s amazing how much of a difference can be made by simply replacing the faucets on your sink and bathtub. If you can’t afford to replace the whale bathroom suite, this is the ideal alternative idea. It makes your bathroom suite look new and fresh, even if it’s actually quite old. It’s a very cheap change to make and anyone can do it without much knowledge of plumbing or anything like that.


Add a Feature Wall


Having a feature wall in your bathroom can definitely make a lot of sense, so that’s something for you to consider if you’re wanting to revamp the space and make it feel new and fresh again. It could have wallpaper on it or a painted pattern that makes it jump out in comparison to all of the other walls in the bathroom. It adds something unique and that’s never a bad thing.


Reglaze Your Old Bathtub


If the inside of your bathtub has seen better days but you don’t have the time or money to replace it, you should consider reglazing your bathtub instead. If this is carried out by professionals who know what they’re doing, it can actually be a really good way to make your bathroom feel fresh and new again, which is just what you want and need.


Introduce Some Plants


Adding a natural touch to your bathroom can definitely improve it a lot as well. If you add some plants to the space, it can make more of a difference than you realise. It instantly makes the bathroom feel more natural and fresher, and that’s never a bad thing. You could get creative and play around with different plants and other options if you want to.


Refresh Your Towels


Simply replacing your towels can make a difference to how fresh the room feels. If you haven’t replaced your towels in a long time, they might be a little crusty and unappealing, and that’s probably not what you want at all. So it makes sense to refresh them and replace them. Choose high-quality options like Egyptian cotton towels. It’s a great investment to make.


Refreshing your bathroom and making it feel new again is definitely worth doing. And all of the ideas above should prove to you that you don’t need to rip things out and start again or spend a lot of money to refresh your bathroom and making it feel modern and able to meet your needs.

3 Home Extentions You’d Want to Save up For

When you’ve bought a property and have the freedom to do with it as you like, the choices can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. There are, after all, so many beautiful houses to get inspired by online – and they all seem to have everything we could ever wish for but sadly cannot afford at the moment.

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That’s why it’s a good idea to know about the most tempting ones so that you’re able to have a goal and something to save up for. Here is a handful of the most popular ones among homeowners these days.


They’re not guaranteed to be yours tomorrow but perhaps in a year if you love them enough.


#1 A sunroom


A sunroom, a conservatory or simply a glass house can seriously take your home to new levels. There are so many ways to use it as well and you’ll always have access to the garden no matter what time of the year it is.


The most important thing, however, is that you’re hiring professional people who use high-quality glass. You don’t want to go for the cheapest solution when it comes to sunrooms as the glazing should be thick enough to keep the room nice and warm.


Heat it up during the winter, fill the chairs with soft blankets, and enjoy your morning coffee out in the garden without even feeling a bit cold. Or invite your family out for a cozy dinner, light some candles, and let yourself be mesmerized by their reflection in the dark glass.


#2 A basement


If you already have a basement, you should definitely spend some time and a bit of money on refurbishing it. This underground room doesn’t just have to be used as storage, you know, as you’ll be able to let your kids roam freely down there when you’ve cleaned it up and chased out all the spiders.


You can create an entirely new basement from scratch, though, but this is definitely considered to be quite of a project. You might need ground penetrating radar services, for example, to learn more about what’s hidden underneath your house but it all depends on how big of a project you have in mind.


A basement will, in any way, be a perfect addition to any house – and you can use that backyard storage unit to keep all your stuff in rather than the basement.


#3 An exterior makeover


A beautiful home should shine from the outside as well as the inside. Spend this season on sprucing it up a bit, give it a coat of paint, and extend that patio, for example, so that you can enjoy it a bit more before the summer is over.


This is a project that doesn’t necessarily have to cost too much money either, by the way, so you should start with this one if your budget is rather tight.


That way, you can sit on the patio and have that coffee in the morning while dreaming about that sunroom you’re saving up for.

How You Can Boost Your Luck Levels

There’s no doubt that “luck” plays a huge role in determining whether a person will be successful in life or not. But, as you already know, luck is something that’s hard to quantify. How can you say that one person is lucky and another isn’t? And if one person is undeniably “lucky,” then how did they get that way? While the lottery of birth dictates a lot, there are also things you can do that’ll move your luck levels in the right direction. We take a look at a few ways above.



Focus On The Good Things

Are people actually lucky, or they just feel that way? The people who are able to think “I have a charmed life” might, in fact, just be focusing on the good things in life. No-one gets everything their own way. Maybe the people who walk around with a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye have just trained their mind to focus on the positive aspects of life, and have allowed themselves to quickly move on from the things that go wrong. There’s no point in dwelling on the things that didn’t work out, other than to learn from them.


Increase Your Odds


The more chances you take, the more likely it is that someone’s going to go right. If you throw enough basketball shots from the halfway line, one will eventually go in. If you play enough free slot machine games at the Slotathon website, then you’ll gradually see your scores improve. It’s not about having an inherently lucky life. It’s about saying yes to opportunities, and putting yourself in the best possible position for things to go right. Increase your chances of being lucky!


Lift Up Other People


What goes around, comes around. If you’re someone who trods on other people to get to where they want to go, then you’ll find that there’s no-one around to help you back up when you fall. Some of the people who are lucky are just reaping what they sow. Be good to people on your journey to the top, and should you ever need to be lifted back up by others, you’ll be “lucky” to have them in your life. It costs nothing to be good to other people, and you shouldn’t do it just so you cover yourself, but that is, indeed, what you’ll be doing.


Don’t Force It


Someone who’s determined to come away with one outcome will invariably find that luck escapes them. Why? Because luck needs as many opportunities as possible to find its way in. Be open and flexible towards how success comes your way. Those lucky, relaxed people are normally that way because they didn’t get stressed out when their initial path to the top was blocked. They just found another way. The only thing you can force is how hard you work. Devote yourself to being the best version of yourself, dig deep, and success will come eventually, in one form or another.


One Month To Go: Ways To Save Money For Presents This Christmas


Are you in a bit of a panic because Christmas is edging closer and you do not have the cash available to buy the gifts you need? Rather than sitting and worrying about it, you need to take action! Here are some options available to you, enabling you to save some money for presents over the next few weeks…


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is currently one of the most lucrative ways of making money online, as outlined at Affiliate marketing mainly involves promoting products or services, which involves using various direct marketing techniques. You will then get paid commission for every sale that comes from you. You can choose to select products that are centred on your hobbies. In the end, you work becomes fused with play, as you spend time doing what you love and still get paid for it. It is likely you will want to continue this beyond the Christmas period.


Sell stuff online

Another way you can make some money to use on Christmas presents is by selling your belongings online. You know what they say – one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. It is certainly worth going through your home to see if you have any items worth selling. This is a good way to accumulate the funds you need for Christmas shopping.


Matched betting

You can start earning money from matched betting today. The great thing about match betting is that you don’t need to be interested in sport, in fact, you don’t even need to be a fan of betting! All you need to do is follow the instructions provided to you by an expert matched betting website, and watch the money mount up. So, let’s take a look at the concept in further detail. Matched betting involves betting on every outcome of a sporting event. By doing this, you will qualify for a free bet, as you will have sourced out a bookmaker offering a free bonus beforehand. You use this free bet to guarantee a profit, no matter whether the team wins, draws, or loses. This is because your first bet was placed with the bookmaker’s ‘money’, not yours.


Take surveys

There are lots of great survey websites available today. A great place to start is with In exchange for your opinions on different matters, you will receive points. You can then exchange these points for cash or you could exchange them for gift vouchers, which you could give to your loved ones for Christmas.


So there you have it: four different approaches at your disposal that can enable you to purchase the gifts you need to buy this Christmas. It is not too late to get in the ideas that have been presented above so you can make a bit of extra cash.

Off The Grid Living

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The majority of people buy into the idea of living in a large home with all the luxuries and home comforts associated with the modern age, yet in pursuit of this lifestyle that is filled with huge flat screen TV’s, the best automobiles, and various gadgets, we often find ourselves trapped in the materialistic lifestyle we create for ourselves.


In many ways, this lifestyle represents an insatiable need for “more” – whilst a brand new car offers a temporary feeling of prestige, one’s ego can soon be deflated upon their neighbour pulling up in an even bigger, better or newer car… and in this sense, we live rather fragile lives, where our self-esteem and sense of happiness is contingent on the possessions we acquire.


Today, many people are shifting their paradigm from the typical “more is better” approach to a more sustainable consciousness where freedom is the top priority.  In this sense, people don’t wish to be trapped on the treadmill that is the rat race – where they rarely see their families, and when they do, they are so exhausted from the working week that they have little energy to truly engage.


People today, seem to want to live life much more on their own terms, and in this vein, they crave the freedom derived from more alternative lifestyles.


When you consider how much money it costs to maintain a luxurious lifestyle, and the amount of energy required to generate the cash to fuel such a lifestyle, you can soon see how trapped people must feel.


Whilst there are many business opportunities that promise passive income and a more “free” lifestyle, one of the most significant ways you can have more freedom within your life, is to consider what is known as “off the grid living”.


Whilst there are many environmental and socio-economic benefits associated with the self-sufficient tiny house movement, it’s not just for hippies and environmentalists.  Today, many people are finding a sense of freedom by creating a more self-sufficient and sustainable home.


Of course, there are some drawbacks, such as the fact you will no longer benefit from the convenience associated with the effortless supply of energy coming into your home, but the idea of getting a oil heat delivery each month can feel part of the rustic charm and joy of living a more sustainable lifestyle.


Whether you aspire to live a more frugal or green lifestyle, off the grid living is certainly something worth considering, as an alternative to the standard routine – as many people report a much greater sense of wellbeing, connection and feeling of being “alive” when living this way.



The tiny house movement could be summed up as an endeavour to simplify your life; meaning you aspire to live with less by moving away from the consumerism most people are subject to and live their lives by.


It could sound like quite an extreme measure akin to hermitage or apocalyptic suvivalism, but living off the grid doesn’t necessarily mean you are living an insular life of social isolation.  Indeed, on the contrary, living in this way results in many families and couples getting much closer to each other as they have more time to spend enjoying the simple things in life such as food, nature and outdoor activity.


In a nutshell, it’s an opportunity to break free from the conventional life of working forty hours a week for forty years.  It prioritises living life to the fullest and squeezing the most from each day, rather than living to work, and living in a constant state of needing more.


Did you know that many people spend half their income on keeping a roof over their head?  Whilst having a home is clearly a valid priority to have, spending half of your income on an unnecessarily fancy property is often done in an attempt to feel a feeling of “home”, yet the feeling of home, by its nature is a feeling – and it will not come from material goods.


So many people think that by buying a bigger flat screen, for instance, will make them feel more at home, when in reality the things that tend to make people feel at home the most are experiences – such as cuddling up with their partner to watch a film, or sharing a nice meal together after a long day.


In this sense, off the grid living can contribute much more to creating the feeling of “home” and will certainly help create a feeling of connection and family.



For some people, it’s undoubtedly out of financial necessity, as living off the grid is a much more frugal way to live, then for others it’s more about environmentalism and wanting a greener lifestyle that allows for a more connected state of existence.


There’s a question as to whether the idea of “off the grid” living is just an aspirational way to package up an austere lifestyle, and is perhaps for those financially struggling, or without ambition to succeed in the modern world.


Yet, the truth is, everyone has their own motivation and oftentimes the people embracing off the grid living are rather affluent professionals that have tried a high paid corporate job for a more family focused lifestyle.  Therefore, it’s important not to confuse the motivation for this lifestyle with the need to live a frugal life.


In summary, living off the grid enables people to feel more free within their lives as no longer are they imprisoned by hefty mortgage payments, car payments, and utility bills – as they are no longer required to work in a corporate setting where they are chained to a desk (though many people remain in their job, but work remotely, from home).


Living off the grid can be a great vehicle to connect with your family, yourself, nature, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life; for instance, the crackle of an open fire or gazing up at the stars in a dark sky free from the yellow light associated with city living.


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