Bring Some Luxury To Your Lounge


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Want to make your living room feel more sophisticated? You don’t have to be rich to add a sense of luxury to your living room – a few small details can stop this space feeling drab and make it a warm and inviting place lounging in the evening and entertaining guests. Here are a few features that will help to make your living room feel more chic.


Keep things bright


Things that are luxury need to sparkle. If your living room feels gloomy, first consider the colour scheme – lots of dark colours could making your living room feel dull. A splash or white or cream paint on the walls could help to reflect the light. Secondly, you could consider adding some more artificial light. Look for high lumen ceiling lights that will illuminate the room more, or buy more lamps to put in each corner of the room. You floor can also make a difference on the brightness of your living room – white carpets or laminated floorboards are more likely to brighten up the room than a dark carpet.


Contain clutter


Luxury homes are often organised and minimal. This means finding a way to contain clutter out of view. Increase your available storage space by buying extra storage units. This could include a sideboard or even a chest for containing toys. If you don’t have the space for extra storage units, consider multi-purpose furniture that doubles up as storage. This could include footstools such as this ottoman from Simply Chaise, or even a sofa with in-built storage.


Invest in a statement furniture piece


Too much generic furniture will take away from the room’s luxury feel. All you need is a single piece of unique furniture – this will serve as a statement piece that bring a sense of individual style to your room. You could go for something arty such as these items from Christophe Delcourt. Alternatively, you could seek out a bespoke designer to create piece of unique furniture to your very own individual taste. You may even have the craft skills to make your own piece of furniture.


Add some art


Artwork immediately brings a sense of sophistication to your home. This could be a painting on the wall or even a small sculpture to put on a mantlepiece or windowsill. Artwork can help to bring another focal point to the room other than the TV. It also brings a personal stamp to the room.


Hang on to some history


If everything in your home is ultramodern, adding a traditional item of furniture or a historic ornament could add a nice contrast, whilst showing a cultural appreciation for the past. This could be anything from an antique coffee table to a vintage art deco mirror. This could even be a family heirloom with some personal history attached. If anything, it’s certain to be a talking point.

The 4 Steps To A Timeless Home Interior



Interior design trends work like a yo-yo – they are up and down depending on the time of year. Today, minimalism and Scandi style are two popular décor choices but that will change in the coming months. In simple terms, there is no way to tell what is going to be fashionable one day and what will be in vogue the next. For anyone looking to create a timeless home, these aren’t music to the ears. If interiors change on a whim, how are you supposed to stay current while not evolving with the times? The answers are underneath. Hopefully, the following will be a huge help!


Be Symmetrical


Did you know that people who are considered to be beautiful have symmetrical faces? It’s true. The human brain is drawn to shapes that are even and balanced unless you’re Pablo Picasso. So, symmetry is something that will never go out of fashion no matter how old or seemingly outdated. People will see the shapes and think “wow, how beautiful.” The trick is to pair furniture and accessories together. For instance, the room below uses similar armchairs on either side of the room, while lamps consolidate the look. Draw a metaphorical line down the middle of the room to help.


Stay Classical, San Diego


Because trends age rapidly, it’s better to stay away from them altogether. If anything, the foundations of your home should revolve around a traditional style. Whites, for instance, are light and airy and help create contrast. Also, you can use a focal point or furniture to incorporate your eclectic attitude. has an online showroom if you are in need of inspiration. Remember that you can mix up fashions by adding or removing smaller items. Simply changing blinds to curtains is enough to make the house darker and more wintery when the seasons change. As the home is traditional, you must hide the electronics and gadgets.


Buy Quality Gear


Whether you want a minimal home or a classical style, you should take buying equipment seriously. For one thing, low-quality items cost homeowners a fortune. When it falls apart, which it will, you have to replace it with another and that costs money. In the end, the process can be more expensive than purchasing a high-quality piece in the beginning. Secondly, anything that isn’t up to standard will make the house seem shabby and outdated. Because the great materials last, as do well-made items, they won’t impact the overall look.


Use A Focal Point


Should the rest of the room begin to age, at least you can count on a focal point. Considering it grabs attention as soon as you enter the room, it should divert focus away from the less timeless features. And, it is easy to find one because the majority of properties already have them included. Take a fireplace as an example. Don’t worry if your home doesn’t have one as you can source them externally says A large, vivid piece of artwork works well, as does a drinks cabinet.


Regardless of the trends of the day, it’s always possible to create a timeless home with these tips.

When it Comes to Home Improvement, Less is More

When it comes to our homes, we usually think regarding its overall style and design, yet making sure this is as good as possible isn’t just a matter of picking furniture and wallpaper: the style will also be heavily influenced by the feel of the house. Our homes are supposed to be relaxing spaces, and we can’t sink into those deep comforts if they’re overly cluttered or untidy. As such, it’s best to adopt a ‘less is more’ approach to our properties. It’s essentially about taking the minimalist approach, one that will make our homes feel more inviting and conducive to the mind – and look good, too.




Tidy Up


It’s easy, in day to day life, to be content with doing the bare minimum of tidying and cleaning. During the weekdays, we’re rushing to and from work, and who wants to spend all their time keeping their house in order one that workday is finished? There’s a timesaving method that will make your home look great and make it more relaxing at the same time: doing one deep clean every few months. From there, you’ll just need to tidy up after yourself as you go along. One day long cleaning session is better than multiple “that’ll do” approaches!


Only the Essentials


Of course, it’s easier to keep everything in check when you don’t have all that much stuff to begin with. We’re all guilty of buying more things than we need, and we have to put them all somewhere! Take a look at your property, and see what you really need to have, and what you don’t. For the bulky stuff that you only use occasionally, take a look at storage units, and keep them there until needed. For the things that you don’t think you’ll ever use again, give it away to a charity shop or sell it online.


Get Smart with Storage


There’ll be some things that you do need on a daily basis, but which don’t have to be on display. To keep these things out of sight, look at adding some smart storage options for the home. There are plenty of innovative, creative ways to incorporate more storage into the home; for example, under the stairs, or in the dead spaces underneath tables. You’ll have everything you need within easy grabbing distance, but crucially, you won’t have to spend all day looking at them.


Sprinkled Decoration


While your general approach should be “less is more,” that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the decoration. Even if you’re going for the hyper-minimalist look, make sure you’re adding a piece of decoration or two to the walls. A work of art, for example, can really bring a room to life, and will prevent it from looking too plain.


Don’t Let Things Creep Back In


You’ve done the hard work, now make sure it stays that way! Try to avoid the old, bad habits from creeping their way back in, and you’ll have that beautiful minimalist home for a long time.

Getting In Shape After Having A Baby


Having a baby puts a lot of strain on your body. After you’ve given birth, it’s unlikely that your body will completely return to its pre-pregnancy state but you can get pretty close. You’ll put on a lot of weight while you’re pregnant and you’re probably keen to get rid of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done. If you’re struggling to get in shape after giving birth, here are a few tips to help you along the way.


Young Woman Exercising – Gritty Looks

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Manage Expectations


We’ve all seen celebrities in magazines with a perfect figure just months after giving birth. If you’re basing your own weight loss goals on that, you’re going to be disappointed because that’s an exception. Losing all of your baby weight in just a few months isn’t possible for most people so you need to set more realistic goals. It’s probably going to take you at least a year to get back to the weight you were before the pregnancy so don’t get disheartened and give up if you aren’t there after a couple of months. Having realistic expectations about how long this is going to take will make the whole process a lot easier.




If you are desperate to get your old figure back and you don’t want to work at it for a year, you can always consider surgery. A lot of women worry about their breasts and the effect of breastfeeding. If that’s a big problem for you, you can get a breast augmentation procedure to reverse the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. You could also consider having surgery around the stomach area to tighten things up again, particularly if you’ve managed to lose a lot of the weight and you’ve got a lot of loose skin.


Start Slow


It’s tempting to start a rigorous exercise regime to shift that weight as quickly as possible but you’ve got to remember that your body has been through a lot of stress. It will take a while for you to fully recover from the effects of childbirth so you need to take it easy. Start out with low impact exercises, even taking a brisk walk is a good starting point. Then you can gradually work up to more intense exercise as your body starts to heal. It’s also important that you listen to the advice of your doctor and follow their guidance on what your body can and can’t handle. Swimming is definitely something you should avoid immediately after giving birth because there is a big risk of infection.


Avoid Dieting


Normally, losing weight requires a good diet, but it’s a different story if you’ve just given birth. You’ll need to take on a lot of extra calories if you’re breastfeeding and if you’re sticking to a strict diet then you won’t be taking in anywhere near enough calories. This can have a negative impact on you and the milk that you’re feeding your baby. Make sure that you’re eating healthy food but don’t cut down on the amount that you eat too much.


Losing weight after having a baby is going to be a long process so always remember to be patient and take it slow.

Getting Engaged!!

My (now) fiance and I decided to meet up with some of his friends by Dallas on weekend. They have a beautiful hiking trail by their home so we decided to venture out into the wild with my three-year-old son! My sons first hike!! He LOVED it, and he LOVES mamas new ring. So long story short, towards the end of the hike, was a beautiful view overlooking the water.

As you can probably guess that is where my fiance purposed to me. I was excited and was so shocked. I’m surprised he was able to keep it a surprise from me! Let me know in the comments how you got engaged. I would love to hear your story!

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