The Moments & Mayhem: Coping With The First Couple Of Months Of Your Baby’s Life



The first couple of months of your baby’s birth are one of the most challenging periods of anybody’s life. And while you can read up on subjects to prepare yourself, nothing will truly get you ready than experiencing it first-hand. In essence, the first couple of months are all about survival. You can learn some of the basics, but a lot of it is down to you. But what can you prepare for to ensure a smooth couple of months as possible?

Lack Of Sleep

Yes, it’s a cliché that you will not sleep much. On the other hand, you might have a baby that sleeps through as soon as they’re born, but not when they get a bit older. Either way, preparing yourself for a lack of sleep is one of the things you can  do to ready yourself. If you are someone who is cranky if you don’t get your eight hours, it might be time to acclimatize yourself to a lack of sleep. Or at the very least, get up in the middle of the night and see how it feels.

Having More Than The Adequate Essentials

Your baby is going to make much more mess than you think. When it comes to baby clothes, the temptation is to go for the cute girlie newborn clothes and go overboard on these because they look so nice. While it’s nice to get a couple of good-looking outfits, at the very beginning, the essentials are baby grows, and lots of them! Be sure you have enough muslin cloths, diapers and wipes, and prepare yourself for baby illnesses, such as colic, as well as an abundance of bottles and a sterilizer.

Coping With Noise

If you’re someone who likes peace and quiet, prepare to have your quiet time shattered. If you can’t bear loud noises, you might find it difficult at the very outset. You could try and cope with the situation by having earplugs, but believe it or not, it won’t feel as ear piercing as you think. Because it’s your child and you care about them to the moon and back, this is the overriding feeling when you’re trying to get them to sleep.

Put Off Your Life For A Couple Of Months

If you’re used to going out on a regular basis, you might find this a big shock to the system. For the very first couple of months, you are going to be indoors more than anything. Yes, getting out and about is essential, for your own sanity, but it’s important to focus on surviving the first couple of months. This means ensuring you’ve got enough coffee in the house, having the Netflix remote nearby, and clearly defining your space on the couch for you and the baby. As drastic as this sounds, it’s certainly the best approach to coping with the first few weeks and months when you’re trying to find your feet. Remember, you’ve been through a lot so don’t feel like you have to rush back into life. Take the time to truly savor these moments with your newborn child.

Sound Asleep, But Are You And Your Partner Comfy?

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There is one lifestyle habit that is essential – sleep. Sleeping is crucial if you want to improve your mood, be productive, and boost your well-being. Although it seems a stretch, it affects all three of these and more because it’s when the body gets to readjust. So, getting seven to nine hours a night is mandatory. Sadly, even if you go to bed early there’s a chance this won’t happen, and the culprit is your partner. Sharing a bed seems natural, yet it comes with its intricacies and couples have to figure them out to be successful. This is how to sleep soundly and comfortably with another person.


Cuddle Debate


Everyone is different and the idea of snuggling closer beneath the sheets isn’t always appealing. You may hate it yet your partner loves it, and it’s starting to get uncomfortable. Don’t worry because it’s not a reason to argue or break-up. Still, it’s worth talking about openly and maturely about the subject. Tell your squeeze that you need space during the night but are willing to compromise. Cuddle as you drift off and break apart when you inevitably wake-up in a huff, for example. Problem solved, now you can dream soundly.


Mattress Swap


Give your other half a break because it isn’t always their fault. Sometimes, the equipment is to blame. When this happens, it’s time to throw out the old tools and replace it with a brand spanking new one. Yep, mattresses are expensive yet it’s worth splashing the cash for the lifestyle benefits. For inspiration, you can check out Lullbed or any bed with a layer of memory foam. The technology spreads the weight more evenly and supports your body during the night. The result should less a better quality of sleep for both parties.


Plugged Ears


Listening to a loved one snore can be like being at an unplugged rock and roll gig. The good news is your hearing organs don’t have to suffer thanks to earplugs. Granted, it’s a bit of a drastic step, but it depends on the pitch and loudness of the snoring. Do they sound like the protagonist in “Little Nicky?” If so, then going au naturel isn’t going to work effectively. The defenders will make it seem as if you’re on a desert island alone, with only the sea and sand for company. Plus, there’s no need to banish your partner to the spare room for being naughty.


Up The Tempo


Some people hate to be cold, while others are experts in air conditioning. Hopefully, you’ll both be on the same page, but, if you’re not, then a conversation is in order. Depending on your side of the fence, or the bed, outline why it’s better to be cold/warm. If your boo is okay dealing with a bit of heat or coolness, then everything should work out swimmingly. If not, resort to thermal jammies if you’re a heat-lover or skimpy nightwear/snoozing in the nude if you like to be cold.


What are your sleeping hacks for couples?

Easy Ways for you to Maintain your Vacation Home

If you own a vacation home then you will know how important it is for you to keep it maintained at all times. You will also understand how difficult it can be to do this when you are out of the country for most of the year, but there are measures that you can take to try and make sure that your home is kept in great condition, even when you’re not there.


Informal Arrangements


If you know a caretaker who is in the area then consider hiring them. They will be much cheaper when compared to other professionals and you won’t have to worry about a contract or anything else of the sort. They can make sure that your home is secure and they can also provide you with a basic clean from time to time as well. When you know that you have someone coming over to stay in your home, you can pay them to do a bigger clean and this is a fantastic way for you to get the job done on a budget.


Property Managers


Hiring a property manager is one of the best ways for you to protect your vacation home. One issue with this is that it can be very costly. That being said, it can save you a lot of money and effort. A property can hire staff to make sure that your property is being maintained and they can also check your guests in, handle your payments, advertise your property and more. They are your eyes and ears, and if you live far away from your vacation home, you cannot put a price on this. They can even handle your heating and air conditioning repair for you as well, and this is

ideal because this issue would normally go unnoticed.


Local Caretakers


If you want to get the benefits of a property manager without the price then you can hire a local caretaker. This is great if you plan on handling all of the other aspects of the rental process yourself. You can hire a handyman, a cleaner, someone to handle your security and more. You will also need to choose someone to go to your house from time to time and turn on the taps, check the heating, flush the toilets and even check for damages as well. The price that you pay for this will really depend on the nature of the tasks and how many bedrooms you have as well.


Prepare for Emergencies


If your vacation home is hundreds of miles away then you need to take note that if an emergency happens, you won’t be able to get it sorted yourself. Experiencing something like a burst pipe is inevitable and if you are the owner then you need to prepare for this. You need to have a list of people who are able to repair problems like this and you also need to have someone who you can either pay online or over the phone. This can save you a ton of headaches, and it will also keep your property in prime condition.

Millennial Home Upgrades Everyone Needs

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During the last five years, design has turned on its head, and we have suddenly reached a place where minimalism and contemporary design dominate homes all over the world. If you are looking for ways to bring your home into the 21st century and ways to upgrade your home for better efficiency and security, here are some of the essentials that every millennial home should have.


Energy-Efficient Items


Saving the planet is becoming a mission which is more important than ever. With the rise of greenhouse gases and our climate, we need to start thinking of ways to make our homes for energy efficient and eco-friendly. You can change your lights and then them into energy efficient bulbs, look at extra insulation in the home to reduce your need for heating, and even buy better appliances for your kitchen. Energy efficiency is really important, and bringing elements into your home will not only save you money but also help to save the planet.




There can be no better way to spend a cozy evening at home than with a few snacks, drinks and a movie on your TV. Bringing entertainment into your home is a very millennial trait, and it can be anything from a TV, subwoofer, soundbar, speakers or a gaming system. Bringing entertainment into your home makes it much easier for you to host friends, and it makes your quiet nights in even more fun.

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detector


Every home should have a smoke alarm, and when you buy a home you will most likely find that there is one already installed. However, another item you should bring into your home is a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas which has no color and no smell, therefore will go completely undetected until it severely poisons you. Make sure you have these alarms in prominent places of the home and make sure that you regularly check them.


Home Security System


When you live in a home which has many precious and expensive items inside, it is incredibly important for you to install Home CCTV Systems to make sure your home is secure. Think about bringing cameras around the perimeter of the home, install an alarm system inside, and also make it harder for burglars to climb into your windows by planting thorny bushes directly underneath. All of these things combined should deter a robber from even trying to break into your home.



If you want to add an element of millennial flair to your home this year, you can bring one of the biggest trends in your home. Plants are a feature in most modern homes because they add a splash of color and texture to a zen space. They also breathe a sense of life and calm into the home and have a big impact on the atmosphere in the home. You can install a terrarium, hang air plants, make a herb garden for the kitchen or stick to cacti if you aren’t green fingered. Plants are ideal for any space and will bring a wonderful element to the design.

5 Ways You’re Wasting Money On Home Renovations

Every now and again, your home needs a little makeover. When things are starting to get a little run down or you just fancy a change, it’s time to do some work on the place. But those renovations can get pretty expensive and even if you write a budget beforehand, you’ll probably end up going over it. Some of those costs can’t be avoided and, especially when it comes to repairs, you just have to live with it. But people often don’t realise that they’re spending way more than they need to. If you want to reduce the bill next time you do home renovations, avoid these common overspends.



Cheap Repairs


Surely, getting things done cheap can’t be an overspend, can it? Well, not initially but in the long run, yes. The logic is that you’re spending less because you’re getting the repairs done cheaply. But the problem with that is those repairs aren’t going to be done to a good standard and they’re likely to be quick fixes, not proper repairs. That means you’ll end up getting them done over and over and that’s going to add up to a lot more money than if you’d just done it properly in the first place. There are a lot of places where you can make savings on home renovations but serious repairs are not one of them.


The other mistake that people make with repairs is leaving them. If it’s only a small problem and you can live with it, you might think that you’ll save a bit of money by just leaving it. That might work for a while until that problem gets a lot worse and you’re forced to get it fixed. It’s going to cost you a lot more now than it would have done if you’d just done a small fix to begin with. That’s why it’s important to repair problems as soon as they come up, not leave them until they get worse.


Not Comparing Quotes


This is another mistake that can be easily avoided if you just spend a little more time planning. If you just go with the same contractors you’ve always used or find the first person you can and go with them, how do you know if you’re overspending or not? What you need to do instead is find a load of different contractors, have them all quote you a price and then compare them to find the cheapest one. There are also some great websites that will help you out. Empire is a great one for flooring, they’ll compare prices from all of the local suppliers and find you the best deal. If you get an Empire Flooring quote today, you’ll probably find that you’ve been paying too much to have carpets and flooring installed. You should always be doing these comparisons, no matter what the job is. It’s also important to remember that you’re looking at quality as well as price so look at some reviews from past customers and ask for examples of their previous work so you can be sure that it’ll be done to a good standard.


Replacing The Kitchen



The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s used for cooking, dining and as a general socialising area for family and friends. That’s why it’s often a priority for people when they’re renovating the house. It also doesn’t need doing that regularly so people are more likely to splash out on a luxury kitchen. That’s fine, but you don’t always need to spend a load of money ripping the whole thing out and replacing it all. Often, you can get away with just refurbishing it by doing things like replacing the doors on the units or even just giving them a coat of paint and putting some new handles on there. They’ll look good as new but it’ll only be a fraction of the price. If you do that, you’ll have more money to spend on the stuff that does need replacing like the appliances.


Replacing The Roof


This one is a bit tricky because in some cases, you do need to replace the roof. If you’ve got damage to the roof and water is leaking in, that’s an urgent problem and you need to get it repaired. If you leave it, water will cause damage to the rest of the house and you’ll end up with no end of problems. However, replacing the roof is expensive and time-consuming so you should only do it when it’s absolutely necessary. If it can be repaired instead of replaced completely, do that instead. Replacing the roof because you don’t like the way it looks is not a good idea. You can learn to live with it and it’ll save you so much money if you just leave it as it is.


Expensive Bathroom Tiles

Water Tiles Tap Sink Backsplash Bathroom Faucet



The bathroom is another room that people like to splash out on, which is fine, but there are some things that you don’t need to spend loads of money on; tiles is one of them. If you find some designer bathroom tiles that come with a hefty price tag and you’ve got your heart set on them, don’t rush into anything. The budget ranges come in so many different styles so it’s likely that you’ll find something very similar for half the price. Maybe the finish won’t be quite as good but once everything is in, you won’t be able to tell the difference. You’re better off saving money on the tiles and then spending a bit more on feature pieces like the sink and the bath, it’s those things that will dictate what the finished article looks like, not some overpriced tiles.


When it comes to serious repairs, you shouldn’t be cutting back because it’ll only cost you more money in the future but when you’re choosing the purely aesthetic stuff, you should stop and think. Most of the time, there’s a far cheaper alternative that won’t cost you anywhere near as much money.

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