Beating The Stress Of Moving Home: My Essential Tips

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. On the surface of it, you may be wondering why that is? I get you. To be honest the stressful element should be the buying and selling element, am I right? But while those things can be stressful there is nothing that will break you quite as much as moving home. Boxes, packing, unpacking, moving them, maneuvering furniture and figuring out where everything is going to go. Once you are in the process of it and can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, there are ways to beat the stress of moving, and I thought I would share with you my tips to help you do it.

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Pack for the new place


One of the first suggestions would be to pack for the new place. This essentially means that you consider where things will go in the new rooms in your home rather than packing up the old one specifically. For example, if you have some ornaments in your bedroom that you now want in your living room, then pack up a box with them in for the living room. This makes for easier unloading and unpacking when you get there.


Get as much help as you can


Moving is hard work. The heavy lifting of big items of furniture. Maneuvering them through small gaps of doors and generally a lot of hard work. So it is always a good idea to get as much help as possible when it comes to moving home. One first thing to consider would be to hire a removal company to do all the hard work for you. The moving services can include things like packing up your home as well. If you can’t get a removal company to help you, then try and involve family and friends to help you. The more people you have, the quicker the job will get done.


Make sure you have what you need for the first night


That first night in your new home is always going to be exciting, but don’t dampen the mood by having to go through several boxes just so you have a change of clothes or you can make a drink. Pack up one box specifically for the first night. Include anything you think you might need like a kettle, toiletries and a change of clothes. You will be thankful for feeling organised and it will allow you to relax on that first night.


Try and organise change over of bills and subscriptions ahead of time


Finally, changing over the bills is the last thing to consider doing, and it is one of the things that unless you are organised can take the most time. The things like internet access or getting your TV to work may feel a little trivial, but once you are in your home it is these things that will help keep children occupied or allow you to relax in the evening. Organise a date ahead of time and then you can work around that.


I hope that this helps you beat the stress of moving home.


DIY SOS! The Disasters You’d Do Well To Avoid

Let’s face it, we can all be quite house proud in our homes. Whether we own our homes or we pay rent each month, we want to make sure that our homes are presentable and they look their best. However, this can often mean that we get a little too ahead of ourselves and perhaps take on some DIY projects that maybe we are not 100% able to do. We can often think things look a lot easier than they actually are. I wanted to share with you some of the DIY disasters you’d do well to avoid.

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Definitely don’t take on any electrics


The electrical side of things is definitely not one of those things that you should be doing. It can actually be very dangerous to mess around with wires. Even if it is as simple as changing plugs and sockets. It is always a good idea to get the professionals in to handle any writing issues they have. Being waultified, they can also make sure that all aspects of the electrics in your home are up to scratch.


Leave plumbing to the professionals


Just like electrics will require the professionals, I am afraid so would any plumbing issues you may have. A plumber will have to deal with so much more in your home than you may have originally thought. The plumbing and heating side of things can often go hand in hand. A plumber could also take on some of the bigger jobs in your home such as installing a new bathroom suite.


Plan and prepare for any building work


We can often be very tempted to take on some of the bigger tasks, which in many cases can cost quite a bit of money. Extending your home, big jobs like a kitchen or bathroom renovation. While it can really increase the value you in your home we can always be tempted to save on those quotes and take on some of the work ourselves. But, this can also be a big mistake so make sure you get the professionals in where possible.


Plastering is not as easy as it looks


Plastering walls in your home can be essential after some building work has taken place or even damage to internal walls when renovations take place. It may seem simple to paste the plaster on the wall but there is a skill to it and it certainly isn’t easy. If you want smooth walls get an expert in to do the job.


Painting can be deceiving


Finally, painting can actually look much simpler and easy to do, but it can be quite labour intensive and hard going. Especially when you are taking on things like woodwork. While it can be great to do the job yourself, and also save you money, it might also be worthwhile to either take your time on the job or get a painter in to get the job done quickly.


I hope this has made you more aware of some of the diy disasters you’d do well to avoid.

Start Your Day The Quickest Way: 7 Simple Steps



Starting the day is always a difficult task. You are expected to go from sleeping soundly and enjoying your dreams, to up and ready to greet the world. The only way to cope with this process is to streamline it for maximum efficiency, so that you have the time you need to prepare yourself effectively for whatever the day may hold. The more in control you are of your morning, the simpler you should find the rest of the day.


So, in an effort to help provide you with the quickest, simplest start to the day, we’ve put together this seven-step guide. If you have been looking for a way to guarantee every morning is as simple as possible, then you’re definitely going to want to the take the lessons found within to heart…


Step One: Start your preparation the night before


Yes, your morning actually begins the night before if you want to get it right! All the tasks you would usually rush through in the morning — such as choosing your outfit, packing your lunch, or making sure you have all the files you need for the day ahead — should be done the evening before. Not only does this make your morning easier, but you’re also more likely to remember everything you need due to the fact you’re not scrambling to do everything in a rush.


Step Two: Make overnight oats



Start your day with a healthy, nutritious meal every time by choosing to make overnight oats every night. You can customize this incredible meal so that it suits your particular preferences, and you’ll be delighted to have such an easy, accessible, and healthy choice available to you even on the most rushed of mornings.


Step Three: Use the right alarm


You have a far better chance of starting the day on the right foot if you wake up comfortably, which is why you might want to consider a sunrise alarm clock. These alarm clocks are designed to wake you gently and naturally, which means the start of your day is far more pleasant that it would be if woken by a conventional, blaring alarm.


Step Four: Choose a refreshing shower gel


Scent can influence our mood and energy levels, so it makes scents (or sense, if you’re not a fan of puns) to ensure your shower gel of choice can get you in the right mindset for the day. There are a number of scents that are known to improve your mood and productivity, so picking one of these options should suit you well.


Step Five: Save time drying off


When you’ve showered, your next step is to dry yourself off— but this process is often longer and more laborious than it has to be. This is especially true if you have long hair; if this applies to you, then you may want to consider speeding up the blow-drying process with a dedicated spray. For everything else, head to the likes of Deconovo and pick up a special, highly absorbent towel that will have you ready to move on with your morning routine in the shortest possible time.


Step Six: Streamline your makeup routine



Makeup application is always a time-consuming process; or at least, it is if you want to do it right. However, taking a half hour to apply your makeup every day is sure to slow down your morning’s, so it’s worth cutting time where you can.


One of the best ways to do this is to reduce the number of products you use substantially. Choose products that can perform multiple functions; for example, an eyeliner that can double as an eyebrow pencil. This saves you having to rootle through your makeup to find various items, and should help to simplify the entire process.


Of course, if you really want to cut time off your makeup application, then semi-permanent makeup is an option. Microblading, for example, is particularly popular, and is perfect if you spend your mornings struggling to contain your wayward brows.


Step Seven: Eat your breakfast then go


Eating your meal last may seem like a recipe for dropping food on your clothes and, admittedly, this might still happen. However, given many people struggle for an appetite in the morning, getting ready and then eating is a better sequence for most of us. What’s more, if you eat last, you won’t be worrying about getting ready; you’ll be good to go, so you can take all the time you need to enjoy your oats.


To conclude


By making your morning routine as simple and as effective as possible, you can always be confident of achieving a positive start to each day. With control established, you’ll be able to ready yourself for whatever the next 12 hours throw at you, safe in the knowledge that your simplified morning routine has prepared you in the best way possible.



Keeping Your House in Shipshape

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness – this is definitely an idiom that you should apply to your life, especially your home. Have you ever noticed that you feel a whole lot more content and comfortable when your home has just been cleaned? Well, this isn’t just coincidental. Various psychological studies have found that there’s genuine logic between health and cleanliness that goes beyond hygiene alone. Your mental health can actually improve by being in a clean environment that is free of clutter and dirt! So, if you want peace of mind and to be able to kick back in a haven of home at the end of the day, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get the Marigolds on! Here are a few different areas of your home that you might want to focus on!




Windows are a much-neglected part of any home’s cleaning routine. Sure, you might run a cloth across your windows from the inside of your property, but what use is cleaning just one half of something that is transparent? No matter how well you might scrub the interiors of your windows, your view out will be just as obscured by whatever dirt might be lying on the outside. Even if you don’t have a direct mark or stain on the outside, it will still become dull and smeared from rain and dirt blew onto it by the wind. So hire a Window Cleaning professional who will have all of the necessary equipment to reach all of the spots of your windows, both ground level and above.




Floors in your home build up so much more dirt than you may initially realise. Think about it – they are constantly coming into contact with feet and any dust or dirt that goes up must come down, eventually settling on the floor. Darker coloured flooring can disguise all sorts of muck and mess, but just because you might not be able to see something distinctly, doesn’t mean you should ignore it. So, aim to clean all floors in your home at least once a week. Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner for carpets and use a specialist carpet cleaner to scrub any spills or stains out as soon as they hit the ground. If you have wooden floors, use a clean mop and hot water mixed with disinfectant.




Your bedding should be changed at least once every two weeks. Once a week is ideal, but you may not necessarily have time to achieve this. Just make sure that you never go longer than two weeks, as a surprising amount of dirt and bacteria will establish themselves from day to day use. Wash your sheets on a hot wash and leave them to air dry before putting them back on.


While maintaining a spotless home will take a few more steps than mentioned above, these basics should get you started on the right foot. So, incorporate them into your cleaning routine and keep on top of them. Your home will be a haven in next to no time!

Keeping Your Home Nice And Cool When A Heatwave Strikes

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We’re quickly approaching that time of the year when temperatures reach ridiculous levels. It’s already pretty hot, but it’s about to get even hotter when July & August are in full swing. As a result, you need to prepare your home for a heatwave. If you get everything ready now, then you should have it all in order by the time a massive heatwave comes along.

Put Your Bedsheets In The Freezer

Immediately, there are some of you that are about to click off this article as you think I’m a lunatic! Please stay, I’m not out of my mind, I promise! While this idea sounds absolutely crazy, it’s actually very clever. Put your bedsheets in a plastic bag or covering, then stick them in the freezer for a few minutes before you go to bed. The result is a set of bedsheets that are now nice and cool. So, you can slip into bed and enjoy a cooling sensation that helps you get to sleep. As we all know, sleep is such an essential part of maintaining good physical and mental health. When a heatwave strikes, we can struggle to get to sleep, which leaves us feeling groggy and lethargic for days. Use this trick, and you’ll stay nice and cool!

Install An AC System

Air conditioning is by far and away the best solution when it comes to keeping your home nice and cold. It provides you with some sweet cold air and ensures no one in your home overheats. You may be worried about getting one as they can be expensive, but it’s honestly worth the investment. You’ll use it every summer for many years to come, and if you have a look on, you’ll see there are even scenting devices you can connect to your AC. So, it now has dual benefits; keeping your family cool in hot weather, and making your home smell positively fantastic. Of course, if you’re really strapped for cash, then the best alternative is to buy fans for every room. While they’re a lot cheaper, they’re also less effective and much noisier.


Turn Everything Off

No doubt your home is packed full of electrical appliances that you use all the time. Unfortunately, these things generate heat when they’re turned on. So, one way to cool your house down is by turning everything off. Turn off all the electrical appliances you’re not using, and make extra care to turn all the lights off in your house too. As it shows on, a light bulb can generate some serious heat. In fact, if you’ve ever touched one when it’s on, then you’ll know they get boiling! By turning off as many things as you possibly can, it reduces the amount of heat your home generates, so it becomes cooler.


I have a love-hate relationship with heatwaves. I love them because it means it’s not raining, but I hate them because it makes time in the home unbearable. But, with these sneaky tips, you can cool down your house and make it much easier to stay in. This should help you get a better night’s sleep when it’s warm, and just generally avoid melting!


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