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Room Decorated Diaper Bag

Being prepared is something that is super important to me, and makes me feel I have my life somewhat in order. While being a mom that can be a difficult task, making sure I have everything I for me and having everything for the kids. Some might say I “overpack” for everything so it’s not a surprise I need a diaper bag that is big enough to fit all my children’s stuff. I have tried many diapers bags out but the Room Decorated Diaper Bag is by far the greatest diaper bag I have tried. With my obsession making sure I have everything I like to fill my diaper bags to the rim; the diaper bags can become filled fast. With the room decorated diaper bag being such a great material, I am able to be confident it will not rip and will be able to hold everything I put in there. I am able to use this bag for my “daytime” trips and my “night time” trips which I love since I don’t have to switch bags all the times.

Now let’s get to the facts. This is a diaper bag that comes with a nice changing mat. The changing mat rolls up easy and is super easy to clean, which makes it very flexible to use anywhere. It is a tan color with brown and white designs making it color neutral, perfect for a boy, girl or both!! One of my favorites, if not the best thing about this product is the waterproof capabilities. It is made with a high-quality Oxford fabric causing the diaper bag to be water resistant. I’m not saying throw this diaper bag in the pool when you are swimming, but don’t be afraid if the bottle sippy cup spills on it. The diaper bag is very easy to clean if anything were to get on it. Overall I  and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great diaper bag!

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Trunk Organizer

One of the most important things to be successful and successes in life is to be organized. I enjoy knowing where everything it at, knowing everything looks nice and I feel as if I sleep better at night knowing I am prepared for what is thrown at me. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE the Premium Car Truck Organizer. It fits perfectly in the back of my car, and it’s a perfect size. I can fit folders and binders for my work, have enough room for my first aid kit, and anything extra I will need for the day.

This truck organizer costs only $19.95 and it has a lifetime warranty. It is made from some of the best material for storage. It can hold up to 100 lbs causing it not to tear, rip, or break easily. I love how I do not have to worry about what I put in here! With work being hectic sometimes I need to travel with a lot of binders and folders but having this organizer I’m confident that it will not spill, or tip over causing a big mess.

Now I am not the best driver, sometimes taking the curves a little sharper than I should (but who doesn’t?) and I have never seen this car-truck organizer slide or fall over. It has these amazing anti-slip grips that help with sliding making sure everything you have in the organizer stays put.

Being very flexible its easy to fit into smaller trucks. You can fold up one side if it is too long for your car, making it shorter.  If you need to move stuff into your trunk it is easy to maneuver around making space for whatever else you needed. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great product to stay organized!!

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Remember when you were a kid and one of the best things to do during the summer was to camp out at the park or back on someone’s property? I know I do. When I was in late elementary and junior high my cousins and I, along with our parents, would go out to my Uncles land and camp out for a couple days. All technology minus a cell phone was banned. Just us and nature. As kids, it was one of the best memories we created during that time. Even now, I still look back on those memories with fondness. Although I wouldn’t go the same style we did back then.

Camping technology has come a long way. First off, the tents back then were the equivalent to the child-proof items of today, impossible to work. After hours of fooling around with the tent, you might have some semblance of the tent up if you’re lucky. But today’s tents it’s so simple it’s scary. When we go camping now, we have a Coleman’s 4-Person Instant Cabin which I could put up in my sleep in less than 5 minutes. Plus, the takedown and storage are just as easy. Of course, you’d have to have something to sleep on. When I was a kid, my dad had these old small army cots that we would put sleeping bags on. It was nice to be off the ground, but I think my back is still suffering from sleeping in those. Nowadays you can buy cots, sleeping bags, or air mattresses that effectively bring the comforts of home with you into the woods. When choosing the best air mattress for camping try using Best Air Mattress for Camping. They give you great tips and pointers for the best sleep you can get while camping!!

 In our tent, we can comfortably fit an average size air mattress or 3 sleeping bags with plenty of room to have our supplies around us. Supplies like lanterns and flashlights. Make sure you have plenty of lights. I would bring at 3-4 battery lanterns and at least 1 flashlight per person. Having adequate lighting for emergencies is always important. Depending on how much into “nature” you want to be, you can take a fan or heater depending on the time of year. Personally, I know I can barely make it without my A/C so the fan is a must for those summer camping trips. Nothing will get you kicked out of a tent quicker than smelling like a grizzly bear that just ran a couple miles.

What camping trip isn’t complete without a fire. Probably 90% of the memories I have from growing up about camping happened around the fire. This was the one and only thing we cheated on even then. We did try and rub sticks together or have a flint rock. My dad was an outdoorsman but that was a bit extreme, even for him. We used the matches and lighter fluid. Now be careful when you’re going this route. Keep the lighter fluid far away from the fire after its lit. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to have read up on how to control a fire and put a fire out as to not upset the environment around you. Those memories around the fire though are my favorite. Roasting marshmallows and making smores, cooking over the fire what we had caught that day out of the river, or cooking what we had brought with us because we hadn’t caught anything. The fire popcorn was always a huge hit, not because it tasted good, even though they do nowadays, but because you have expected the tin to eventually expand so far that it exploded like in the cartoons, sending popcorn everywhere. Unfortunately, (but fortunately) it never happened. Coolers always make a great seat if you didn’t bring any chairs plus they hold and keep all the beverages and food cold. Depending on where you are camping, be sure to note what the campsite rules are about wild animals and food.

Camping is a great experience to create memories with family, kids, and friends. I’d advice going technology (minus the one-off phone for emergencies) so you can truly enjoy the outdoors and deprogram yourselves from the everyday hustle and bustle. Be sure to bring bug repellant and make wise decisions so that no one gets hurt. If you do, it’s a great, enjoyable, fun time that people of all ages can appreciate.

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Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin

During the winter it’s sometimes a tough time of year because my three-year-old son can’t spend as much time outside as he would like. If I would let him this little boy would be outside all day every day. With it being cold there is more of a chance of him getting sick, so we do 15-20 minutes outside with him toys then come inside for awhile to warm up. Not being able to be outside has led to finding creative things for him to do inside. I do not like to stick him in front of a TV so having different activities planned out is always a must for colder weather. The Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin is an activity that I love to have in our everyday activities.

It comes with 150 All wood pieces which your little one can create whatever your little one’s heart desires. To be exact it has 124 real wood logs, 4 redwood gables, 20 green wood roof slats, 2 redwood chimneys and a complete building manual to help build it! Today we built a log cabin with a door in it, taking turns stacking the pieces together. I love how it helps the kids learn how something is built, and how something is designed.

The colors are redwoods for the walls, with the roof slants being a bright red, and the roof is a green making it easy for the kiddos to know exactly where something goes. You can purchase the Paul Bunyan Classic Log Cabin building set for $23.95.

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