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The Real Reasons Why Your Home Is Never The Right Temperature

Do you ever feel just like Goldilocks? Some parts of the home feel far too warm, while some other parts are way too cold. While we may find the odd area that’s just right, it’s usually somewhere like a broom closet where (let’s be honest) we’re not likely to spend much of our free time. It can be utterly infuriating when the home simply refuses to be the right temperature, it can keep us tossing and turning all night and make our well earned free time far less pleasant.


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Typically the solution has been to throw AC at the problem, changing the air temperature artificially. But while this may be a quick fix, it’s one that comes with a heavy price tag both for your home and the environment. Air conditioning units aren’t cheap to run and the cost of keeping them going accounts for around 20% of the electricity usage in the United States. Since generating energy almost always comes at the expense of the environment this is clearly not a sustainable solution for the eco-conscious. The best bet is to address the causes of these imbalances in your home’s temperature.


Start from the top and work your way down


Very often your roof and roof insulation are the main offenders if your home is too cold, no matter how much you turn up the thermostat. Firstly, the materials from which the roof itself is made play a huge part. If you want your home to stay warm in winter yet cool in summer, a new metal roof from Erie Construction may be a great starting point. Metal roofs are durable and long lasting, but they’re also natural conductors, helping to seal heat inside the home. They’re also designed to reflect solar radiation rather than absorbing it, so that your home stays cool in the summer. It’s also worth taking a good look at your attic insulation. It’s important to choose the right insulation type and materials to suit your home while also looking out for signs that your insulation may be compromised. Damp patches, puddles and signs of animal infestation such as droppings and signs of gnawing are obvious red flags.


Ducts to ducts


Few among us pay that much attention to our ductwork or HVAC but they’re a leading cause of temperature imbalances in the home. If your ductwork is the wrong size for your home you’ll lack the airflow you need which will not only lead to heating imbalances, but potentially cause lasting damage to the system. Moreover, you should check for leaks and poor insulation in your ductwork as this can reduce airflow by up to 30%.


Upstairs Downstairs


We all know that hot air rises, but few of us are aware of just how much our heating systems create a disparity in temperature between levels of the home. Remember that thermostats are most effective in the room in which they’re installed, so it may be worth investing in a system of multi-room thermostats.

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Everything Cats Know About Napping That You Should Know Too

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Cats are professionals when it comes to napping. There’s a reason it’s called a cat nap after all. They know instinctively that sleep is the best thing they can be doing and between hunting and looking regularly out of the window, a nap is the best restorative they can find.


Since cats spend up to 18 hours a day fast asleep, they have had plenty of practice in napping and we can certainly learn a few simple tips from them to improve our own napping ability. In fact, here are a few things that could help you get into a napping routine that even cats could be jealous of.

It’s All in the Timing

Napping is perfect for improving your alertness and avoiding falling asleep at inopportune moments. In fact, it is recommended that drivers going long distances should pull over in a safe place to nap if they feel too tired to continue. This is to avoid falling into micro-sleep, a condition where you fall asleep for a second or two before waking up again – just long enough to cause a crash.


For cats, sleep is something of a hobby and they are quite happy to find any spot in the sunshine for a quick nap. However, we people need to be a little more thoughtful about when and where we sleep, as well as how long we should nap for. A 20 – 30 minute nap is a good length of time that fits nicely into most people’s lunch break and for drowsy drivers provides enough sleep to alleviate drowsiness for a while.


Around lunchtime is a good opportunity for a nap as it won’t impact too much on your sleeping pattern later on. If you are feeling tired at night, instead of a nap, you should just have an early night instead. Napping just a few hours before bed may disrupt your pattern and cause further problems when you can’t sleep later on.  

Finding the Best Spot

Warmth and comfort are always at the top of any cat’s list of priorities and when it comes to finding a good place for you to nap, this is important to you too. Though many people choose a chair or a sofa for a quick nap, maybe pulling a blanket over to snuggle into, your bedroom is the best place for a nap.


This makes perfect sense since your bed is literally designed for the best sleep and as long as you get over the stigma of napping, you should really be doing everything you can to optimize your sleep. Keep the room quite cool, between 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit, and close the curtains before you get into bed. Your mattress should be comfortable and supportive, keeping your back and neck aligned (have a look at this site for more insights on mattresses).


If you are at work and want a bit of shut-eye, you should try to find a quiet spot that is out of everyone’s way. If your office has a sofa, that would be ideal for curling up and taking 30 minutes to yourself. In some offices, where the employers are more supportive of napping during the day, sleep pods like the ones at Google’s HQ have become a popular option. While your boss might not be catching up anytime soon, you can at least point to a trend if you want to ask for a solution.

Making the Most of Nap Time

Napping is often thought of as an emergency solution rather than a habit, but as cats show, napping can be a way of life. In fact, in this case, the Spanish are already way ahead in their own sleep patterns, having a 3 hour lunch to accommodate a siesta at the hottest part of the day. While it is perfectly logical to assume that the siesta is only for avoiding the sun, scientists have also found that people who have siestas tend to be less likely to die of heart disease.


The health benefits of having a nap are finally being noticed in the US and as nap rooms are becoming more popular in US offices, it looks like many employers are realizing that they can have healthier, happier and more alert staff if they just accommodate a 30 minute nap each day. This is great news because it suggests that a cultural shift is in progress. However, it’s still important that you get a high quality of sleep in that time and don’t feel awkward about being asleep on the job.


While it is tempting to quickly check your phone before you close your eyes or to think ahead to what you are going to do when you wake up, you don’t want to waste all your time not sleeping. Instead, a good nap – as all cats know – starts by closing your eyes and settling into a comfortable position. Clear your mind of everything and relax your muscles. Counting down from 100 slowly might help if you are struggling to switch off.


Though napping at work may still be an uncommon occurrence, the Japanese have long understood the benefit and studies have shown that a 60 minute nap can vastly improve performance in the workplace, giving you a much better chance of learning new information and memorizing facts. Part of the reason for this is that sleep is a great way to reduce stress and calm right down, so allowing yourself to clear your mind in order to drift off is ideal for improving your performance.


Cats know a lot about napping and there are few animals who are so chilled out. They understand that napping makes them more alert before they go hunting plus it can help them live longer and healthier lifestyles. Napping more like a cat will help you in all these ways too, though you probably won’t achieve their ability to disguise themselves as fluffy cushions or recognize someone with an allergy to cat hair within 2 seconds. Some things are secrets only other cats can understand…   

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Beat Depression Without A Therapist

Do you sometimes feel crushed by life, as if the load you had to carry were too heavy for you? Everyone has to face awkward moments in life, whether they relate to dealing with the loss of a relative, the end of a relationship, or even approaching a new professional situation in an unknown town. As you deal with these events, you might start to experience great sadness and the feeling that the sun will never shine again. This is called depression, and it’s a silent and hungry beast that feeds on positivity. It also is a costly illness to cure, especially if you choose to go through it with a therapist. But there are little tips you can use to improve your mood without recurring to a therapy.


Don’t let life crush you


Depression as a combination of mental pains

It’s the accumulation of toxic thoughts that causes the depression. For a lot of people, a tragic event doesn’t trigger a trigger, but it’s the way they process the event internally that can have tragic consequences. It’s essential to become aware of your thinking processes to stop toxicity before it harms you. Surrounding yourself with positive friends can help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Some people swear that self-aid books and meditation are effective too in changing the negative wiring in the brain.


Depression as a result of hormonal imbalance

Ultimately, while it might be difficult to accept, your feelings are the result of a chemical reaction happening in your body. To put it in easy terms, when the hormonal balance in disturbed, your body can trigger neurochemical messages that lead to depression. In other words, it’s important to eat foods that support hormonal balance, such as the Maca root – which you can mix as a powder to smoothies and oatmeal for instance – and fresh fruits and vegetables. Magnesium, calcium and vitamin E are also essential factors in maintaining your positive thinking.

Hormonal imbalance can lead to sadness


Depression as a potato couch syndrome

Have you ever thought that lack of exercise could lead to sadness? You need to think of your body as a machine where every action has a purpose and a consequence. For instance, the ability to produce a happy hormone is linked to physical activities. Hiking, yoga and even boxing can help your body get fit and happy. As you sweat, you naturally improve your health equilibrium, ensuring that all body functions are performed properly – including hormonal balance management. Besides, you will release more mood regulation hormones and also improve your self-confidence.


Depression as the consequence of hitting a brick wall

Do you know what causes you to worry and fall into the depression trap? A problem? It’s the fact that you’re facing an obstacle in your life that you can’t remove. Consequently, it is often more helpful to deal with the problem itself than to treat depression./ Becoming a problem-solver is the kind of skill you’d expect to see on a résumé, but the professional approach to problems can be successfully repurposed to everyday life.


Ultimately, you need to remember that whatever happens in your life, you are in charge of how you feel. You can fight off depression by helping your body develop positive habits.


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Get your Last Minute Gifts from here!! Also enter to win $300!


Have you ever had trouble finding that perfect gift? It’s a real pain. It’s even harder to pick something out when you’re trying to find a great deal while shopping through the dozens of websites that always claim to have the best deal. Everyone knows Walmart, Target, eBay, and Amazon, but I found another one that I put above even those for my last minute shopping: is a website dedicated to providing great deals for anyone needing a last minute gift, or just something for that special someone.



This last Valentines day, I knew what I wanted to get my boyfriend, a watch, but I didn’t know what kind and I didn’t have time to go browsing all over the internet. eBay offered the best deals, but you never know what to expect when you’re buying something used, even from a highly accredited seller. On I found exactly what I was looking for and at a great deal. My Gift Stop is a great website for finding all of your gift needs at a great price. Its simple organization allows you to look at tons of options quickly and easily. Probably the coolest and best feature of the website is the gift recommender. You type in what the event your buying for and who and it produces great options which are perfect for your request. Even if the recommendations aren’t the exact item’s you want, it provides great ideas which can help lead you to that perfect gift. Other websites recommendations are things you’ve bought in the past or top searches, but gives you some of the best deals along with the best ideas. My Gift Stop also has a great cause behind it, giving 5% of every sale to the global medical relief nonprofit, Direct Relief. It also has an easy return policy, giving you everything you need at the touch of your fingers.


I’d highly recommend during that gift-giving season like Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s day. It makes shopping for those tough to get people easier, and you can have confidence that you’ll always be getting an excellent deal. There’s also the chance of winning a $300 gift card when you register using the link below.

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It’s a boy!!



Baby shower fun!

Baby showers are always so much fun. When I found out one of my really good friends was having another baby I was so thrilled. Between my son, my two nephews and my friends four sons we had baby boy stuff everywhere you looked inside and out of our houses. We were much too eager to loan our baby clothes, and toys to her. Even though she had already received A LOT of baby stuff, what is having a baby without the baby shower??

I recently helped host a baby shower for her. We had a very good turnout. When you have been friends with someone for so long, their family starts to feel like yours. About 6 other people helped host the party so it was no expensive, and we all split the cost of the main gift which was a double stroller (she has a 2-year-old little girl so a double stroller was perfect for her).

The food that was served there was amazing. For starters, she had a beautiful baby boy cake, with cute matching cupcakes and cookies. There was a fruit trey, and two cheese, meat, and crackers treys. There was also chips with a could of dips to choose from, and a few more finger foods to choose from. I was impressed by the food and also by the decorations. The decorations were blue (of course). The tables had diapers bundled together with a thin net covering over it with balloons tied to it, and each table had about two. The bulletin board had blue balloons stapled to the border giving it a nice pop.


Overall I was so impressed with the food, decorations, and games. My friends baby shower was a blast and success. I have another baby shower at the end Marchrch and I am looking forward to being able to write my experience from there also.

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