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Smart Time Tracking

Everything is Smart now—hand-held electronic devices, major household appliances, cars, entire homes. Our technology is getting smarter and smarter in understanding what we’re doing at any moment and what we’ve done in the past. Consequently, we all now need PA (personal assistant) devices or partial PA capabilities in various devices and applications. We at least need Google to suggest restaurants near us, and we need our phones to finish our sentences for us. There are so many devices today that help us find anything we want or need.

In our daily lives, we are connected to everyone and everything we need for doing our work faster and more efficiently and easily. There is no longer a question of whether or not the so-called “Internet of Things (IoT) will become an essential factor in our daily functioning. We are plugged in indeed. We read our mail, pay our bills, read the news, communicate with acquaintances and co-workers, track our work projects, submit invoices, expense reports, and timesheets all via the world-wide-web. The software we use is all cloud compatible and integrated with every other application, permitting data sharing across all offline applications as well as all online pages and platforms. All of this connectivity drives increasing efficiency, profitability, and mobility for users.

How Does Smart Time Tracking Work?

Some forward-thinking companies are now using smartphones and other devices allowing employees to submit their expenses and timesheets digitally from any location. Smart technology allows employees working remotely to constantly maintain tracking of their time, wherever they’re working. New time tracking technology now goes beyond previous capabilities and is smarter than ever. There are multiple ways that time tracking on smart devices are becoming smarter:

Automated Tasks — Numerous time tracking applications feature automatic capture of time in various ways. For example, time spent online may be monitored and logged automatically and contrasted against given projects or tasks. And, RFID proximity can auto-clock employees in and out.

Connections between applications — Most time tracking applications feature integrated functions, affording the convenience of reduced manual work, as well as less error and time. For example, your timesheet could be synchronized with Exchange, allowing your task lists and calendar entries to pull directly into a timesheet application and enter onto your timesheet. For payroll and billing people, integration of your application with their platform make their accounting process smoother, and certainly much quicker. And, it yields more accurate time entries and associated data.

Machine learning algorithms — Machine learning (ML) is the way a machine can learn from actions of users and from the machine’s own actions in response to users’ actions over time and can use accumulated data to assist users in a vast variety of ways.

As it applies to work time tracking, for example, a calendar synchronized with your company’s system can suggest timesheet entries. And, your time tracking system educates itself based on how you categorize, modify, and use the suggestions it delivers—becoming increasingly accurate in its suggestions as time goes by. This is an example of ML capability that can afford you greater and greater convenience and time savings over prolonged periods of use.

GPS/Location tracking — For field employees moving between multiple job sites, or transport workers, location tracking functions can identify your current location and track time used for a client, or on the road, and can track mileage for expense reporting, etc.

Digital time tracking has evolved to make a once entire manual process into a virtually fully automatic one. The benefits of using IoT for time tracking and other such tedious tasks significantly benefits users over time.

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David Brown is a geek at heart. He’s worked and consulted on some major online projects over the years. David has a passion for helping people learn the benefits of steam lining their business through computer technology, thereby saving them time and money. His expertise in the computer world has helped companies time and time again, manage their businesses, employees, and clientele more efficiently.

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National Frozen Yogurt Day


I love frozen yogurt. I hope your frozen yogurt day is as deliciously filled with mine. One of our favorite places to hang out is Cherry Berry. Have you ever heard of Cherry Berry? It’s delicious and completely made of frozen yogurt. Along with frozen yogurt, I love ice cream. Just hearing bluebell ice cream makes my mouth water, however, the calories that come along with it aren’t my favorite. Only being 23 I feel like being in my prime I need to stay in shape. So, I will pick frozen yogurt any day over ice cream.

Cherry Berry is located right by laser tag, and the mall making it super convenient to stop by when we take the kiddos out for “fun night” usually Friday. Cherry Berry has three different cups you can choose from; small, medium and large. There are many choices to choose from when it comes to what flavor of frozen yogurt you would like. My favorite is the birthday cake or country vanilla. My sons favorite is mixing chocolate with vanilla. After the frozen yogurt, there are many choices to skittle, sprinkles, m and m, fruity pebbles, gummy bears, gummy worms, different assortment of fruits, cookie dough balls, and much more. I’m sure if you could dream it they have it.

Check out your closes Cherry Berry on national frozen yogurt and get a buy one get one free! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments. 😊

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Slay your goals

Slay Your Goals

I cannot believe it is already February 2018! This year has flown by (unlike last year).
I cannot get started on planning my year! That’s when I decided on getting a planner to help me along the route to success. Slay your goals has been a big help in getting everything planned out, helping me succeed, and pursue what I love (blogging). Let me know what you think about this planner in the comments! I’m anxious to hear what your opinion is!!

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My honest opinion about the Soft and Care Cushion Set

My honest opinion of the Soft and Care Cushion Set

We all have that favorite chair. It’s usually the one that’s the newest and the cushions haven’t been sat on for so much that it remembers you more than you’d like it to. Especially at work. You finally get that new chair and it sits great for like 3-4 months. Then you start noticing your back and bum hurting again because its no longer has the cushion to support them. I’ve been there. Working in the office 8-5 spending most of my day in a single chair, you at least want to be comfortable and not get up without hurting. Thankfully I got my soft and care cushion set to office chair back in place I enjoy sitting at. When I started using the soft and care I immediately noticed the back support. The lower back pain that came from sitting effectively on plastic was no longer there. And when I got up my rear end no longer hurt. The memory foam really makes it comfortable to sit for hours on end and not feel like that when I get up.

Unlike my previous seat paddings which were usually some form of leather, the breathable material in the case keeps it so I don’t sweat the pressure that comes from sitting for long periods. The iPhone or mp3 slip on the back piece makes it easy for me to listen to my music without having the cords stretch across my hands and keyboard, interrupting my typing. And with the straps, I can clip it all together and take it with me on trips. Adding the soft and care cushions immediately upgrades any seat into that perfect feeling chair. If you’re having back and bum pains from sitting hours on end in an uncomfortable chair, I highly recommend you get soft and care cushion. Sitting down will no longer be a dreaded experience.

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When I attended #blogher17 in Florida I learned a lot of new blogging tips! I had a great time at the pool with my son, then going to Walt Disney World. However one of my favorite parts was the Medieval Times booth at #blogher17. I stepped into another time period, it was so magical! You can be apart of the magic also!! Check out below

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Medieval Times is shooting a TV commercial to help promote their ALL NEW show featuring a QUEEN as the SOLE ruler of the land!
Want to be a part of history? RSVP for this EXCLUSIVE fan experience and be an extra in their TV commercial!
Date: 2/21      Plan to arrive at 7am   Shoot starts at 8am and Ends at 6:30*.

Location: Medieval Times Dallas Castle

EVERY fan will receive a swag bag with two free tickets to come back for the show! Enjoy a free continental breakfast, free lunch, free snacks and a chance to win fun prizes throughout the day! *All times subject to change.
Want in? RSVP here:
Registration closes on: 2/12
Spots are limited. Confirmations will be sent via email.

If you need more info please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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