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How To Prepare For Your Next Business Trip


Traveling for business is definitely different to traveling for pleasure. As much as it can feel like the same sort of processes that you go through, there are some clear distinctions. While you do need to be incredibly organized in both circumstances, there’s definitely a lot more freedom and relaxation that comes with traveling for pleasure. Because with business travel, you’re often working to an incredibly tight schedule, and there’s not always time for relaxation. So, due to such constrained circumstances, it’s often good to be able to be prepared well in advance. If you’ve never traveled for business before, then you’ll definitely need some guidance here. So let’s walk through some of the steps that can help you.


  1. Book A Business Friendly Hotel


So first of all, you need to make sure that you stay somewhere that’s equipped for business. When you have a lot to do, the last thing you want is to realize that your hotel can’t support you well enough. Wherever you’re heading, make sure you research into the right hotels, such as Huntingdon Marriott Hotel, that will have everything you need. From WiFi and workstations to meeting rooms and conference facilities, when you choose a business-friendly hotel, it will make the rest of your trip much easier.


  1. Plan An Itinerary


With your accommodation booked, you then need to think about getting your itinerary in place. And this is essential. Find yourself a travel itinerary template if you’re not sure how this should look, and detail everything. This is often going to help you, and other colleagues that you’re traveling with or planning for, stay on time. Be sure to detail your travel information and to keep any tickets or confirmations together here too. When you have everything recorded and kept on file, you should find that you’re a lot more prepared for the trip.


  1. Prepare Before You Go


But at the same time, you also need to do other kinds of preparations too. Planning your meetings for while you’re traveling can be quite intense. And if you want to make sure that you’re not rushing around when you’re in a new state or country, this is something you need to do now. So make sure you have all of the materials you need for meetings or presentations together well in advance. Rehearse anything that you need to too.


  1. Pack Well


Next, you need to ensure that you’ve been very thorough with your packing. You’ll want to ensure that you have any business and formal wear that you need for the businesses side of things, but you may also want some leisure wear too. Also check out the weather and make sure that you’re dressing appropriate for the temperatures.


  1. Focus On Your Health


Finally, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re focusing on your own health too. Business trips can be busy and exhausting. Try to keep to your routines as much as possible when you’re away and take care of yourself. Then you will be able to enjoy the trip too.


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The Old Houses… Not Necessarily The Best



Have you thought recently about buying an old home? For many people, it’s common sense to buy an older house. After all, it seems that the older ones were built better. Or were they? The big thing with homes that are older than a certain age means that they are subject to a few more problems than the modern house. While modern houses are built with the environment in mind but don’t have sturdy materials, older houses appeared built to last, but have a lot more issues. So if you are looking at preventing a home disaster, especially if you’ve just bought an old house, what are the common problems?

Mold And Mildew Damage

Lots of old homes are exposed to more moisture than newer builds. As a result, if your home is in a wet climate, the potential for mold and microorganism growth is very high. The best way to protect yourself against mold and mildew is protection from the elements. You can do this by purchasing a dehumidifier, but also ensuring you’ve got adequate ventilation through every area of your home.

Plumbing Issues

The old-fashioned plumbing systems are cause for concern because the biggest danger of these systems is the wear and tear of these parts that can cause excessive water damage. It’s best not to try and fix his problems itself, but if you have plumbing questions, it’s important to consult the professionals. On top of this, you could ask the seller of the home how old the plumbing system is, and what materials were used. Another problem that is a root cause of plumbing issues is root damage. Over a period of time, tree roots can work their way into all the drainage pipes and affect the water within.

Hazardous Materials

Probably the biggest issue with any old home is the excessive use of lead and asbestos in older homes. Asbestos can cause serious illness, from respiratory problems to even lung cancer, and while most asbestos was banned by the late 1980s, there are still homes that hide this toxic material. The best way to deal with this is to invest in a professional to do the removal of asbestos for you. If you ever plan on doing any renovations to your home, it’s recommended you don’t do anything until you know your home is asbestos free.

Structural Problems

Unfortunately, older builds are more than likely to suffer from foundation and structural problems. From cracks in the walls to moisture damage and even problems with the foundation supports. The one true way to get around this is to hire a structural engineer to assess the house and give you the honest opinion as to how much of the property needs replacing. Of course, this can be an incredibly costly endeavor.

They say the old ones are the best, and when it comes to houses, there can be a lot of positives. However, when you are buying older houses, there are a lot more things that you need to think about. These houses are built at a time when there was no strict health and safety regiment, and although the house may retain a lot of character, this character could come at a very hefty price.

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Planning & Preparation For Your Healthiest Vacation Yet

You’ve made the booking, the tickets are in your hand, you’ve booked time off work, and you know exactly where your passport is— you’re ready to head off on vacation. Now all you have to do is try and fill the time between booking your vacation and actually leaving; a time which will pass incredibly slowly.


If you want to put the time between booking your vacation and your departure date to good use, then taking the chance to focus on your health during this time can be incredibly beneficial. Realistically, vacations are a time when we don’t much think about our health; we’re too busy having fun. However, if your health isn’t in the best of shape, then there’s every chance that your enjoyment of your vacation is going to be seriously negated— so why not put the lag time between booking and departure to good use? By supercharging your health, you’re actually supercharging your chance of making the most of your vacation, so it’s well worth giving a try if you want to be able to enjoy the best vacation ever. Here’s what you need to do.


Focus on your medication

Make sure you pack…


Arguably the most crucial step for a healthy vacation is ensuring you have treatments available to you should you need them. These treatments can be anything you rely on to keep your health in good shape; from prescription items to nutritional supplements, you need to ensure they all find a place in your luggage.


Start planning the medication you’re going to take with you on vacation well in advance. You will need time to check the limits of what you can take into different countries, and you may also need time to allow for longer prescriptions to be issued by medical professionals. It’s also important to include a few over-the-counter options, such as nausea medication and antiemetics— you might not need them while you’re away, but it’s better to take these along with you than have to chance buying them while away.


Get your sleep and drink plenty of water


Yes, “sleep and drink water” isn’t the most innovative advice in the world, but it’s advice that a huge number of people continue to overlook. For example, experts believe many people are chronically dehydrated; while rates of exhaustion continue to rise. We might all know that we should get drink water and sleep for at least seven hours a night, but few of us actually do it.


You’re trying to make the most of your forthcoming vacation though, so you’ve got every incentive to actually go through with the recommendations for duration of sleep and water intake. Do whatever it takes to make sleeping and drinking water more attractive to you; you could try Tempur mattresses or Egyptian cotton bed sheets to make your bed as comfortable as possible, or infusing water with fruit to make you more likely to drink it. Whatever it takes to ensure you get your Zs and drink your H2O, do it.


Quit sugar

Say goodbye…


Many people only examine what they eat when they are trying to lose weight, which is a shame, because what we eat is a vital influencer of how we feel. If you have been experiencing issues with tiredness, feeling bloated, or otherwise just not at your best, then a diet switch might be the perfect way for you to ensure you head off on vacation feeling as good as possible.


Perhaps the best switch you can make is to quit sugar. Sugar has a rather alarming impact on the body, and many people find that — after an initial detox period — they feel far better when they don’t have sugar in their lives. If you have a couple of months to go before your vacation, you could quit sugar now and be able to reap the effects by the time you’re sitting down on the plane ready to jet off to your chosen destination.


Of course, if you’re going to make a major lifestyle change, then you should speak with your doctor beforehand. This is especially true if you have symptoms of ill health that you’re hoping quitting sugar will correct; your doctor will be able to verify if ceasing to eat sugar is a good way of addressing these problems. Most doctors will be completely supportive of your efforts to limit sugar, but there’s no harm in making sure.


In conclusion


By making the above changes, you can be sure that your next vacation will be your healthiest yet, and you’ll be fit and raring to enjoy every second of it!


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Ozeri Electric Wine Opener

This is a sponsored post, however, all of these thoughts and opinions are my own. Wine!!! Need I say more?? Wine makes the world go round! Well at least if you had too many glasses of it anyways. With the Ozeri Electric Wine Opener, you can open a bottle of wine in just seconds with a gentle push of a button. How wonderful does it sound to open a wine bottle with just a touch of a button? To me, that sounds dangerous (gives me the option to get drunk faster) which makes me love it that much more. With a single charge, this wine opener can open 40 bottles of wine. This would be great for events like a wedding, a cocktail party,  a get-together, a reunion or just everyday wine drinkers.

I currently have my Ozeri Electric Wine Opener on my countercharged, ready to use. I can come home with a bottle of wine and in no time have the wine bottle opener. On hard days at work, I am able to just open the wine with one touch of a button, which makes life a lot easier some days.

My neighbor Jordan was hosting a party, and a party is not complete without wine. The party was wonderful with finger foods, nice wine, and beer for the guys. The only problem we have was she could not find her handheld wine opener. I, of course, mentioned my handy dandy Ozeri Electric Wine opener would be great to use. I ran home, took it off the charge and came over with it. It worked like a charm and a lot of people where impressed. This was a great product and a great company. Be sure to check them out!

You can purchase this one for $24. 74. It comes with a charger you plug into the wall. This is a deal you do not want to miss out on.

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Saving on Household Expenses

Is your household budget spiraling out of control? Do your outgoings exceed your income? Or are you struggling to keep on top of things? Do you find yourself eagerly awaiting payday every month only to find that once your household bills are paid and you’ve done a big food shop, there is very little left for the next few weeks? Or, do you find yourself unable to cope when an unexpected bill, perhaps a repair, comes in? Well, you aren’t alone!


The cost of living has risen enormously in the last 20 years. Much faster than minimum wage. The average 4-person household is spending up to a third of their income on rent or mortgage repayments, another third on food and the rest on other household bills. A massive amount of us have nothing left to cover other costs, to socialize or to have fun with our families, let alone things like vacations and treats. It’s no way to live. There are some things, like the rate of inflation, that you have absolutely no control over. But, there are other things that you can change. Things that you can do to reduce your household expenses, enabling you to start building a rainy-day fund or just feel more financially stable.





Food might be one of our busiest household expenses, but it’s also one of the best places to save money as well as one of the easiest. You just need to take a little more time to plan, instead of just buying on a whim.


Every week sit down and write a meal plan for the coming days. Think about everything, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Then, take a good look through your cupboards and fridge to see what you need before writing your shopping list so that you are only buying what you need. Then, stick to it. Some people find online shopping helps as it’s not as easy to be tempted by other things.


Meal planning like this gives you a great chance to save money as well as reducing your food waste massively. Other places to save money on food include:


  •    Buying cheaper ingredients
  •    Freezing leftovers
  •    Cooking in bulk and freezing extras
  •    Eating smaller portions
  •    Including filling, cheap ingredients like beans and lentils in your cooking
  •    Not eating out or on the go





Next, there’s utilities. Like food, heating, water and electric is much more expensive than it used to be. But, again there are easy places to save. Enter your details into a comparison site to make sure you are getting the best deal. Don’t waste money by sticking with your supplier out of loyalty. If you are unable to switch, or your current supplier is the best, you could still save money by switching to a tariff that better suits your needs.


Some people find that a smart meter helps them to monitor their usage and save money, speak to your supplier about having one installed. Then, make some simple changes like turning lights off when you leave rooms and lowering your thermostat a few degrees.




Household appliances can be very expensive. Modern smart appliances can save you money in the long-term but can be expensive to replace if they break. So, instead, look after them, get them repaired using an Appliance repair service, keep them clean and make sure you read the manual and use them correctly. So that they last longer and cost you less.


Stop Paying for What You Don’t Use


An awful lot of us are spending a fortune on things that we either don’t use, don’t need or don’t want. This is nothing short of a complete waste of money. Look at those things that you are paying for that you don’t use. Do you go to the gym often enough to make your membership fee worth it? Could you take up running or workout at home instead? Do you need all of the minutes and data on your mobile phone contract or could you cut back? Do you need high speed internet? If you just use it to browse or for the odd download you might not even notice the difference. Write a list of everything that you spend money on and ask yourself if you need it at all, or if you could make some cutbacks?


Consolidate Your Debts

Most of us are in debt. A lot of us have more than one debt in the form of overdrafts, credit cards and store cards. The interest and repayments on these can be crippling. To save yourself money, apply for a consolidation loan to put all your debt in one place. This will mean you pay less interest and give you a chance to clear your debts much faster.

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