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When I attended #blogher17 in Florida I learned a lot of new blogging tips! I had a great time at the pool with my son, then going to Walt Disney World. However one of my favorite parts was the Medieval Times booth at #blogher17. I stepped into another time period, it was so magical! You can be apart of the magic also!! Check out below

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Medieval Times is shooting a TV commercial to help promote their ALL NEW show featuring a QUEEN as the SOLE ruler of the land!
Want to be a part of history? RSVP for this EXCLUSIVE fan experience and be an extra in their TV commercial!
Date: 2/21      Plan to arrive at 7am   Shoot starts at 8am and Ends at 6:30*.

Location: Medieval Times Dallas Castle

EVERY fan will receive a swag bag with two free tickets to come back for the show! Enjoy a free continental breakfast, free lunch, free snacks and a chance to win fun prizes throughout the day! *All times subject to change.
Want in? RSVP here:
Registration closes on: 2/12
Spots are limited. Confirmations will be sent via email.

If you need more info please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Adventure Time with Tanner and Charlie!

Adventure Time with Charlie and Tanner!

Our first thing, and most important is the rules regarding the pond. No adult means no playing by the pond. Ponds can be dangerous, so we take precautions when it comes to the pond, however that doesn’t mean we still cannot have fun with it!

Charlie and Tanner would sleep outside if we let them. Anything and everything that has to do with outdoors they are all over it. We have recently purchased a small fishing net and the boys have not put it down. For $1.99 at Walmart, this net has been one of the best purchases I could have made.

Very carefully the boys will go up to the pond and squat down to where they can reach the net into the water and wait. We have learned that once you put the net in the water the fish will swim away, so we put the net in the water and wait. After about 30 seconds to one minute, the little minnows will swim back by the bank and we are able to catch them! This is something the boys LOVE to do whenever they go outside, and it’s a great learning activity also! They get to see what exactly a minnow is, what fish eat minnows, different types of minnows and understanding the difference between a tadpole and minnow.


If you have any free time you should grab a small net and go, see what type of animals you can catch with your little ones in a pond! But always be careful, watch your step and don’t forget to have fun!!!

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Making Cotton Candy!

Making Cotton Candy!

While trying to save money we try to find more things to do at the house instead of always going out and doing laser tag or chuck e cheese. Nothing is wrong with laser tag or chuck e cheese, but it can break the bank and FAST. We tried to think of more activities to do around that house that will not only be fun but also a learning experience for the kiddos. What I mean by kiddos since I only have one kid, is also my nephews.


We found this cotton candy machine on a for sale or trade site on Facebook for only about $20. Cotton candy is delicious, so we figured why not have one at the house!! We messaged the lady and we got it the next day! We took it home, cleaned it and got everything set up. It took a couple of tried but we finally were able to figure out how to work it and love it!!


Nostalgia Electrics is the maker of this Hard Candy Cotton Candy machine. It is a bright red and works like a charm. The kiddos helped us put the “hard candy” in the middle and the turned the switch on. Once the switch cuts on the middle start to spend, causing the middle part to heat up. We taught them that once something heats up it starts to melt, but in the cotton candy machine, it turned the hard candy into cotton candy. They have so much fun mixing the colors and seeing how it is made. Definitely an invention I cannot see myself living without. Thank you, Nostalgia, for the amazing opportunities you have provided for my family! We are huge fans of you now!

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Sunday Funday

My bible verse of the day:

“As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” Psalm 42:1

Waking up knowing today is Sunday and I’m going to church puts me in such great spirits!  Every Sunday morning I’m woken up to my son coming in my room, grabbing both my checks with his tiny hands and saying, “good morning mommy”. My son, Tanner, likes to get up at the crack of dawn, which I know if I forget to set my alarm clock, I have one that has two little arms and legs, and know he will march in there and wake me up. With everyone in great spirits, we get ready for church. We take turns taking showers and making our coffee.

Once we arrived at the church we are greeted with the uttermost love from our church family. We attend a small church, so it is like a small family. When someone does not attend we can to check on them, making sure they are okay. Our church family would not be the same if anyone was missing!

Every Sunday we have a potluck after church, so we like to cook a meal or two and bring it to church. Since today was “Children’s Church” we had a lot of finger foods. There where hot dogs with chili and cheese, chips, cheese dip, little sausages, and much more.

We always have a great time and if you have time you should come check it out!

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Natural Caverns

Texas has some amazing tourist destinations throughout its vast expanse. Many are well known such as the Alamo, the Kemah boardwalk, Fiesta Texas, and the San Antonio Riverwalk. But there are some spots, even in Texas that some Texans haven’t had the experience of visiting. One that I would highly recommend is the Natural Bridge Caverns. The majestic close-up view of the naturally developed caverns just south of San Antonio is a breathtaking view of nature. However beware sometimes this can be dangerous if you do not have the right gear. Check out the Best Carabiners for the best possible climbing gear so you can experience the most out of your climbing experience.   


There are several different tour types but the one my boyfriend and I did the Hidden Passage Tour. These tours take you into the second cave that was discovered. Tour group sizes are usually full but we got there early (which I would highly advice) so there were only us and another couple. The trip down is filled with stairs and as you descend you see all the various types of formations that have formed over the thousands of years. Because our tour group was so small the tour guide had a lot of fun with us so we joked and were able to pause for pictures as he described the history of the cave and filled us with various bits of knowledge about the different rock formations we were looking at. The overall tour took about an hour and fifteen minutes and it was truly awe-inspiring. Just be sure not to touch any of the formations as you’ll be banned and escorted from the cave and probably face criminal charges.

As for other attractions outside of the caves, we did the maze run which is always one of our personal favorites. Then we did Canopy challenge. This consists of a four-tier adventure course where you walk across different pathways testing your agility and balance. The other part is a zip-line which really gets your heart going. They also have a course for the little adventures. For those that can stand heights and like a challenge, this the jungle gym for teens and adults.

The Discovery Tour, which is the main tour, takes you down the original cave and is the most recognized tour. Although we didn’t go down it, we heard nothing but great reviews from all of the families coming out of it. There’s also the Lantern Tour and the Adventure Tour, each having their own unique approaches, walking down with little light, to taking on the caves and spelunking down the shaft of the original caves like the founders did. They’ve got a range of different experience levels for all types of adventures. And they’re always adding more so it’s always good to check out their website to see what’s new. It’s definitely a place you can revisit.

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